Stiff competition surfacing for Dominique Franks

Tulsa Union head coach Bill Blankenship would probably be the first to admit that unlike most years, his team isn't loaded with division 1-A talent this time around. That means something when you are out to defend your state title and are going for your third in four years. Union may not be loaded, but they are always laden with big-timers coming up, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have at least one junior that is big-time. He does and cornerback Dominique Franks is getting big-time attention.

All colleges check out Tulsa Union high school for their talent. That's because there's a lot of it. Averaging around seven to eight players a year that head to the division 1-A ranks, Union has become a hotbed for some of the better preps in the Midwest.

This year isn't that bumper crop, but what the team lacks for in quantity of super seniors to be they make up for in quality with cornerback Dominique Franks.

At around 6 foot tall, weighing in at around 190 pounds, Franks is already ideal in size. Having an estimated 4.5/40, that's not too bad in the speed department either. What sells this kid to schools, though, is his attitude and, of course, his instincts for the game.

Some just know how to play the game.

"He's legit," the head coach once said of Franks. "He's got the size, speed, hips; he's got work to do, but potentially, he's a solid player for anyone out there."

High praise from a coach that has had enough standouts go through his system that he isn't prone to doing what some coaches do in promoting their players, because they simply aren't used to having someone so coveted.

Blankenship simply gives you the facts and what he thinks from his over 20 years of experience in the game.

Franks himself is even-keeled in his attitude as well, knowing that whatever he's done, no matter how good; it doesn't mean a thing right now.

"If you stop working to get better and look at these offers as a reason to stop doing what got you those offers, you are going to fall behind and I'm not going out like that."

"I plan on going out of here with a bang."

The offers he's referring to keep growing in number, Missouri and Baylor adding themselves to teams like Tennessee, Nebraska, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Kansas, Kansas State and Iowa State.

For Franks, the ever-changing landscape of his recruiting is exactly why he's trying not to think about it too much at this point. "Just when you start thinking about looking at the list, another letter comes in the mail from someone new, another offer or another coach

comes by the school," Dominique said. "I know Miami was the last place to visit my school, so it seems there's a lot that can happen."

Now, for any fan of the aforementioned teams, if an offer were to come from the Canes, they might want to worry a little. Dominique said that Miami was THE team he followed as a kid and it would no doubt be an offer he'd seriously look at.

By the same token, Franks did say that no matter how good Miami looks on TV, he said that he still doesn't know what it would look like up close. "What you see on TV isn't always what you get," Franks said. "There's a chance I could go down there to visit and not feel comfortable."

"If that happens, I won't go there, because I'm not looking at a team's record; I don't care about that. What I care about is how I feel while I am there."

That means Franks will have to visit the schools he's interested in and if things work out, he'd like to visit some over the summer. That's tentative, though and he isn't sure as to where he will go, if he can go at all.

One thing that all fans can take some solace in is that even with the offers growing, those teams that he was looking at haven't fallen off a bit. "There is no list of favorites for me," he said. "I'm looking at all the times looking at me. There's a lot to like about them all, so I don't think of anyone as better than the other right now."

Nebraska falls into that fold, of course, Franks saying of the Huskers that their struggles last year don't deter him a bit, because as he said above, record doesn't mean a thing. What he does like particularly about NU is the fact that with new coaches come new line ups and with those, new opportunities; opportunities that could be there for him.

"I look at that, plus the fact that they send guys to the NFL," Dominique said. "I'm not looking at a school only for a shot at the NFL, but it's something I am thinking about. Can they make me better and do they know what it takes to play in the league? That's just some of what I am looking at."

Dominique will look, but with practice starting in just over a month, his attention span towards recruiting is waning, while his mind starts thinking about his final year. It's one that Franks expects that teams will shy away from him much more, but there will be some that might go after him, something he's eagerly anticipating.

"I know there's receivers out there that we'll face that want to take a shot at me," he said. "Some teams will stay away, but I know there's some that are going to come right at me, because they will want to see if they can get the best of me."

"That's what gets you going, because you know you are going to see their best game and that's why I am excited about this year. It's my chance to show everyone what I can do and take their best shots, because I know they are going to give it to me."

Franks said that outside of a team passing-camp, he's not planning on any other camps this year and again, his unofficial visits (if any) are uncertain at this time.

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have yet to offer in the in-state star.

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