Huskers after another from Compton C.C.

You know that you're athletic when all but one team who has offered you is looking at you to play a position that you haven't played since your sophomore year in high school. In all fairness though, he did play cornerback as a senior so he's only two years removed. Anyway, everyone sees Ashley Palmer as a knock your head off and cover the whole field safety. What does he think about that idea and who are the schools that have offered this standout?

The only problem that Ashley Palmer should have this fall is sorting out his offers as they come rolling in. The Compton (Calif.) C.C. standout has the physical size and speed to play a number of positions in college.

"I am working hard. I am trying to get a little bigger," Palmer said. "I weigh 210. I am trying to get to 220 and run a 4.4 40-yard dash. I have the 4.4 now. I just want to put on a few pounds and knock a few heads off."

So does he expect to be lining up to play safety this fall at Compton or will he be back under center playing quarterback? "We'll see. Right now I am leaning more towards playing safety. Our head coach is our old offensive coordinator and we really aren't sure what the quarterback position is looking like. We don't know yet."

Palmer is up to about six offers with at least one other who seems close to offering. "I have Nebraska, Washington, Ole Miss, Colorado, Oregon State, UTEP and I think that Kansas is leaning toward offering me too. I think that everyone is recruiting me to play safety. Ole Miss is the only one that has offered me as a quarterback."

The fact that Palmer is being recruited as a safety by most is mostly a tribute to his athletic gifts and not necessarily based on how he has played that position recently. "The last time I played safety was a sophomore in high school, but I played cornerback as a senior in high school. I have no problem flipping it over to playing defense."

The one thing that will help Palmer through the move to defense or from junior college football to division one football the most has to be his ability to jet. "I think that my speed will help me in my transition from offense to defense and from junior college to division one. The school is really there to get you strong. You can't teach speed. If you get fast the game slows down."

Palmer is familiar with current Cornhusker Ola Dagundero who was at Compton last year. In fact, When Palmer came to Compton Ola was one of the people that took him in, showed him around and helped him get comfortable. He has spoken with Ola and he is trying to get Ashley and another teammate to visit Nebraska.

"Me and Ola Dagundero were really close last year. When I first got to Compton, because I went to San Jose State first out of high school, he was one of the first people to greet me and told me a couple of things that they learned there and showed me some things. Ever since then we would hang out and became good friends."

"He came back here about two months ago. I asked him how it was up there and he said that it was really different than junior college football. I was already used to that because I was at San Jose State, but a San Jose compared to Nebraska doesn't compare. The 5:00 A.M. workouts are mandatory."

"He knows that I have an offer to Nebraska. He wants me to come and visit. Me and Anthony Atkins both have offers from Nebraska. He wants us both to come."

As far as official visits go there is only one set in stone for Palmer and that is to Ole Miss. He has an idea about three others but there is one open slot. "I already know of one and that is to Ole Miss. I already assured Ole Miss that I would come for an official. I am leaning towards Washington, Oregon State, and I am going to go to Nebraska for visits. The other one is open."

Palmer hasn't started to narrow down his list or look for a leader. He really isn't as interested in recruiting right now as he is in getting ready for the upcoming season. "Right now I am just focusing on the season. I am not really leaning towards anyone yet. I want to see how my season goes and see what school has the most attention in me then that is the school that I will probably go to."

Palmer is in good academic standing and will be a candidate to enroll in the spring semester at a four year school. He actually may be finished with all of his units by the time the season starts this year. "I will be finished up with all of my units in August. I know that I am going to graduate in December. I probably want to major in Sociology."

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