No Nebraska for A.J. Wallace?

Recruiting updates are simple things. They give updates about recent or total offers, regale you about camp experiences and, of course, talk about favorites, if there are any. Well, if it's an update on one of the hottest recruits in the country, a recruit that your team had a shot at, if you don't see your team mentioned, people scream. They did about a recent update with super star A.J. Wallace when Nebraska was nowhere to be found. So, what's the deal?

Almost 50 offers for Maryland prep-star A.J. Wallace.

And counting

That's a lot of attention, some of which is coming from schools that don't have a prayer of landing him.

One of those that should still have at least a prayer is the very first team to offer the east coast standout.


It was the first camp that he went to, he's got a very good friend that will soon be strapping it on for them and he's gotten to know almost all of the coaches there quite well.

All that leads Husker fans to believe that there is going to be a shot for this young man, no matter where he lives, but with all the connections he seemingly has to the Huskers, surely the Huskers would at the very least make his top five up until he decided on a school.

Then again, one might forget the power of a recruiting update, one that didn't have the Huskers listed anywhere at all.

Now, you can't blame those that wrote the update as they were covering one school and are under no obligation to ask about any other. So, if the player doesn't volunteer that information, that's just how it goes.

But oh those Nebraska fans, when a recent update didn't even hint at the thought of the Huskers, the questions filtered into the e-mail inbox faster than I could sent the replies back out.

Did Nebraska really drop with the Huskers?

"No, not at all," Wallace said. "I mean, they were my first offer and because I have a friend that goes there, that gives me a great opportunity to get to know them probably better than anyone else."

"No, Nebraska is still definitely in my top five."

That top five has fluctuated for Wallace, with recent trips to Michigan and Ohio State, both of them going extremely well.

Well enough that A.J. said that if he had to choose some schools now for his official visits, he's got a pretty good idea about a few. "I'm pretty sure Ohio State and Nebraska would get visits and Michigan is right there on the borderline," he said. "I haven't thought a lot about it and it was a good time up there, so I have to think about that one some more."

"Also, I have been thinking about going down to see some of the Florida schools this summer, but with the team stuff, I'm not sure I will be able to make it."

Ok Husker fans, sit back, take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Your worries are over.

For now

Ahh yes, the ever fluctuating emotions of recruiting, one wonders just who goes through more emotional turmoil; the recruit or those who follow it so fanatically.

As it is, the panic attack that they were feeling can subside for the time, but all Husker fans, along with many others will realize that when you have almost 50 offers right now, the pressure from teams will only increase over time.

A.J. has tried not to think about that, knowing that once the season arrives, the calls will be coming to his house en mass. Figure most of those 47 offers, but many others that for whatever reason, are a little late getting on the train.

Wallace knows this, but is resolute in making sure that it's not a future team that gets his focus, but the team he's playing for now and he's playing for a lot this year. "We've got a nice team this year," Wallace said. "We went 8 and 3 last year, but I think we've got the players that can take this a long ways."

They do, one player especially, that player knowing that down the line it's going to be him with the target on his head. He's used to it, but he knows something of what to expect his final year of prep ball. "They'll be gunning for me, I know that," A.J. said. "You can't let that take you out of what you do, though."

"It's exciting, because you know everyone is out to stop you, so if anything I think this will all make me better."

That's a scary though, Wallace already cementing himself as one of THE best players in all the land and perhaps, that's why certain fans go crazy when they think that their shot at one of the premiere athletes around is all but faded, their opportunities now given over to other teams, coming off better seasons.

Well, if he's that coveted to you, get out the tums, because there's eight months until signing day and there's no reason to think that this process will get over anytime soon.

Consider this particular panic-attack just a warm up. There's bound to be quite a few more.

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