Huskers look good to big 'un from Compton C.C.

They'll never know what hit 'em. That's what they could be saying this season as they wonder who and what this is standing on the defensive side of the ball that play Compton (Calif.) C.C. It's like a bad dream. A 6-foot-3 and 305 pound defensive end that is still fast enough to play end, could move inside to play tackle with his size or is even fast enough (4.8 40-yard dash) that he has played middle linebacker. Yikes.

Anyone get the number of that train? That was Brandon Johnson who is ready to star at Compton C.C. after spending a year in Iowa playing NAIA ball. And he's ready. At 6-foot-3 and 305 pounds he still runs a 4.8 40-yard dash.

"I played high school football at John Marshall high school in Chicago. I committed to Grambling out of high school, but went to Graceland University in Iowa. I played nose guard there. I had 51 tackles and eight sacks."

That size and speed at any level almost seems unreal. Take that size and speed though and put some strength with it and it is just downright scary. "I squat 655 and bench press 410."

He moves out to Compton from Iowa for some better opportunities for him on the field and you'd be hard pressed to do a lot better than Compton when it comes to junior college football. He is also in a position to get into Compton, get the experience and then move onto division one football.

"I'll be eligible to transfer this year. I will be finishing up in December. It's really not that big of an adjustment from NAIA to junior college ball. The biggest thing for me has been getting used to the hot weather."

Believe it or not, Johnson wants to improve an already impressive 40 time this summer. "I want to get my 40 time down. It's a 4.8 right now, but I want to get it down to 4.7. I would like to increase my max lifts as well."

Johnson is a virtual unknown to the recruiting world, but that is about to change. He is getting some attention, but isn't holding any offers. He claims to have some leaders though. "I am not getting a lot of attention yet. I moved out here after the junior college combine. I like Oregon, Nebraska, Washington, Hawaii, and Illinois."

Getting back to the Chicago area isn't a big deal for Johnson who mentioned Illinois as a favorite right now. While the letters haven't piled up for Johnson yet, he better get ready. His size and speed don't come along very often.

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