Recruiting suddenly stops for Jim Barrie

Jim Barrie was thought to be an eventual Gator and all Florida had to do was offer. They haven't, even now, so his recruiting has taken a bit of a turn. Schools not thought to be in it are and some schools outside of Florida actually think they have a shot. Barrie talks about that and the fact that his recruiting, at least for now, has found itself at a standstill.

There's nothing like family to put recruiting into perspective. And there's nothing like having one of those family members in some very serious trouble with health issues.


That's where Jim Barrie's mind has been lately, his sister two weeks now removed from open-heart surgery.


At only 28 years old and described as in perfect health, Jim's sister developed what doctors call endocroditis, a condition where bacteria forms on the heart. If left unchecked, that bacteria would build and ultimately could seal off a valve, eventually killing the person.


Two weeks ago, she underwent successful open-heart surgery and even to Barrie's surprise, he's getting along much better, much sooner than expected. "She's incredible," Jim said. "She just went through this thing and she's already up and about and feeling really good."


That's an obviously immense relief for the entire Barrie family and it has put into perspective another far less significant battle that's taken place. Basically, it's between a host of schools that are trying to attain the future services of one of the better linemen in the entire southeastern region.


Of those schools, there were a few that at this point were supposed to have received one of the many unofficial visits Jim has taken over the off-season. The recent emergency with his sister's health issues, though, recruiting has taken a backseat. "My sister is in med school at Florida State, which I visited and it was on that day when all of this happened," Barrie said. "And I was supposed to go visit Oklahoma, LSU and Michigan."


"She had heart surgery that following Tuesday, so everything has basically came to a stop."


The schedule now as to when he's going to be able to make those trips is tentative. Jim did, however, get a good impression from one of the main rivals of the school thought to be a shoe-in for him when all this recruiting stuff began. "I had a really good time at Florida State, actually," he said. "I didn't realize their campus was so nice and I really liked the offensive line coach."


Again, Barrie will try to make those other trips if possible, plus there's still hope that they can fit South Carolina and Duke in as well.


For now, it's just making sure the sister is ok and concentrating on more important things than other things, who's time will definitely come.


Barrie has found a bright side to the trauma, though, something you would probably not be shocked at, that he would appreciate, being a 6 foot, 5 and a half inch 300 pounder. "We got a lot of free food," Barrie said jokingly about the well-wishers for his sister that brought over a variety of goodies throughout the course of the surgery and subsequent recovery. "We would be at the hospital and when we would come home, there would be this gourmet meal waiting for us."


"So, I guess there's an upside to open heart surgery."


"Free food."


We'll catch up with Jim at a later time, but obviously we wish only the best and the speediest of recoveries for his sister. And if something changes in Jim's recruiting following the point where everyone is comfortable enough to get back to everyday life, we'll bring you an update as to what the last month brings, before his last year of prep-ball is slated to begin.

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