McCoy reflects back on his recruitment

For the longest time Gerald McCoy hovered around the five offer range. The in-state Sooners had offered plus some others, but little did he realize what one camp could do. All the Nike camp at TCU did was put this 6-foot-4.5 and 285 monster of a DT on the recruiting world map and propel him to being one of the best in the nation.

It wasn't the skills that Gerald McCoy learned or perfected at the Nike camp in Ft. Worth, Texas, but it was the display of his abilities. There wasn't anything that the big man from Oklahoma City (OK) Southeast couldn't do at the combine.

"I did well at the Nike camp at TCU," McCoy said. "I was hardly even touched in my one on ones. In my testing, I did good but I could have done better. I tested really good in the agility side."

The TCU camp was a real milestone in McCoy's recruiting year. Before the camp he was at about five offers. The workouts though at the camp, his testing and coming in at 6-foot-4.5 and 285 pounds has blown the lid off of his recruiting.

"I had five offers or so before the camp at TCU. Now I have too many. I lost count. I was at like five and then I don't know what happened. It just went 'boom'."

That performance and his ability on the field has led McCoy to a number 18 ranking in the National Hot 100 list and as the number two defensive tackle overall.

"I was number 18? Thanks! Wow, I was the number two defensive tackle? Great."

Despite the great ranking and all of the offers McCoy continues to work out trying to get better for the upcoming season. He is set on really trying to get faster from his already quick 5.0 40-yard dash time.

"I've been working out in the morning, during the day and then working at night. I'm at work right now in fact," McCoy said. "I work at a furniture store so I lift heavy in the morning the weight room and then lift heavy things again at work."

"I want to increase all of my maxes and bring my 40-yard time. I want to work on my 10-yard burst too and my technique. I want to get my 40 time to 4.9 or 4.8."

McCoy hasn't started to narrow things down at all and is really only focused on his upcoming senior season. "No sir, I don't have any favorites right now. I don't have my officials planned right now. I am just concentrating on this last season in high school then I will start. I will narrow down my visits first, but not my schools."

Many believe and are saying that McCoy is about a shoe-in to end up a Sooner. McCoy admits that Oklahoma is a great place to play football, but he is going to go where it is best for him. "I'll go anywhere. I just want to play football. If Oklahoma is not the best school for me then I just won't go there. I am going to go to the best school for me."

The defensive line coach from Nebraska, John Blake, is heading up the recruiting for the Big Red and McCoy. McCoy had a lot to say about the impression that Coach Blake has left on his thus far. "Coach John Blake is one of the most honest, best men I have ever spoke to. He is real church oriented, real religious and I love that because that is how my family is. He is a really good coach."

McCoy isn't tipping his hand about favorites or official visits. "Yes sir, I will seriously consider Nebraska for an official visit and as a possible school."

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