Crowell planning on leaving the state

Now is the time to sit back and sort of just take it all in for some recruits. It's a quiet period and the only thing you have besides mail from school is your time spent researching universities. Many are making a list of favorites this summer just like this defensive tackle from Florida. He is holding a Nebraska offer, but can they make it through the initial cut of schools?

It's clear that Nebraska wants in to some of the recruiting hot beds: Florida, Texas and California. Nebraska is after Tallahassee (FL) Godby standout, Kareem Crowell, who is spending three hours a day on average with his team working toward getting ready for this fall.

"It's going good. We have a camp at school. In the morning we have a class then we go work out. We do football and speed work the last two hours of the day."

Besides the daily efforts that Crowell is putting in he is also getting ready to take his game to at least one camp and maybe one unofficial. He has already performed well at the Nike combine. "We're going to Georgia July 8 and 9. I am trying to go Auburn sometime in July. We had the Nike combine at Coral Springs and I attended that. I think that I did pretty good."

"I ran a 5.21 (40-yard dash) and they said that I had one of the top times for a big man. I did pretty well in one on one drills because no one stopped me. I think that I did pretty well. I came in at 6-foot-4.5 and 290 at the camp."

Crowell is holding a considerable list of offers and the first trimming of the list is set to come in a couple of weeks. "I think that it's 11 or 12 offers so far. I have one from Auburn, Louisville, Illinois, Iowa State, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Indiana, Marshall, Rutgers, and there are one or two more. Those are some of the top ones; some of the ones I can think of right now."

"I'm thinking that in the next couple of weeks that I am going to cut down my list to the top six schools. I am evaluating the schools and talking to the coaches. I am going to try and get to Georgia. I think at the Georgia camp there will be some other college coaches there."

So who would make the list today? Kareem tells us and it doesn't seem to matter if a school has offered or not to make the list. It is also interesting, considering the college football programs in Florida, that as of right now Crowell wants to leave the state of Florida to go to school.

"As of right now Auburn, Louisville, North Carolina, USC, Florida and North Carolina State would be my top six. I am leaning towards leaving the state of Florida to go play football, but I don't want to go too far. I would like to stay kind of close to home."

"I have just been here all my life. I know that Florida has some great football teams from Miami, Florida, and Florida State, but I just want to go to another state and try and make a name for myself."

Although Nebraska isn't on the preliminary list for Crowell's top six, he has enjoyed talking the coach that is recruiting him from Nebraska and isn't ruling out the possibility of a visit or that Nebraska makes the cut.

"I think Coach Jordan is a really good recruiter. He said that he is going to call me in September and said that he wants me to come up there for an official. I don't know if they are going to be in the top six or not."

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