J.B. Walton looks at the good and the bad

You're not going to find too many guards (if any) with more offers than J.B. Walton. Approaching the 40-offer mark, Walton's popularity is cemented. With practices looming over the horizon, a one-time manageable list has become somewhat daunting. But Walton has already separated at least some of the good from not-so-good teams.

If you've got 40 offers or close to it, you're probably thinking that the pressure is on to narrow it down a bit. You are only allowed five official visits either during or after the season, so no reason to walk around with near 40 potential coaches calling you when they are allowed to in September.


One of the best offensive guards in the country, J.B. Walton doesn't really mind all that much, but within the big list, there's a division of sorts, because with that many written scholarships, you know that some on that list don't have a hope and prayer of nabbing one of the top interior linemen in the country.


"I haven't really narrowed things down, but yeah, there's some that probably won't be in there that I am already pretty sure of," J.B. Said. "I guess it's like a good list and a bad list."


Just out of courtesy, J.B. didn't say who was on the bad list, but threw out of a few that are some, but not all, that sit on the best side of the sheet of paper.


"I'd say Oklahoma is on there, Penn State, Florida, Florida State, Nebraska and some others, but those teams right there are definitely on the good list right now," he said.


Part of Penn State being there has to do with a recent full-camp Walton attended, an experience that definitely put the Nittany Lions on the good list for awhile. "I just had a real good time there and everyone was real nice," J.B. said. "I really liked my experience, learned a lot about how they do things so it was a good time."


Looking at the Huskers, though, outside of the Sooners, who have competed in three out of the last four national title games, the big red seems to be the odd one on the list. Struggling to a 5-6 record last year, during the first year of the Bill Callahan era, the luster wasn't gleaming when it came to at least recent successes in Lincoln.


Walton said that he's seen the recent struggles, but remembers a time when it wasn't Nebraska struggling, but anyone and everyone that played against them. "I followed them when I was a kid and they were beating everyone," he said. "I know they are changing a lot right now, but I watched them when it seemed like nobody could beat them."


The Huskers are hoping that will be the case again someday soon, but it won't be anytime soon before Walton really takes a stab at taking the good list and making it official. And as for those official visits, Walton said that for right now, he's leaving that in someone else's very capable hands.


"My parents are checking the schedule and just figuring out how everything is going to work out," J.B. said. "I think we'll take maybe a couple of visits during the season and wait until after the season to take the rest."


There is a chance that Walton could have his final five before the season, but didn't indicate that, that would be the case and said of the entire recruiting process, he's not having a problem looking at all this, sitting back and watching.


"I'm just going with it right now," he said. "No hurry for me, so I'm just taking it all in."

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