Houston picks up a big offer, sets official

The summer isn't a summer anymore. It used to be time-off. Time spent doing nothing and hanging out with friends. Not to today's top football players. It is a training period now. A time spent with your teammates or working out on your own getting into peak shape to be ready for this fall. Anthony Houston will be ready for this fall.

The 6-foot-4 and 200 pound Anthony Houston from San Diego (Calif.) Mission Bay is working hard this summer in the weight room, on the field and in the classroom. It's his goal to be on top of his game when the season rolls back around for his senior year.

"The summer is good. I am working out, working hard," Houston said. "I am also going to summer school."

He and his team work together to become more effective in the passing game through passing league. "We're doing passing league. We have passing league games at least once or twice a week. We are trying to get that going to better our passing game."

Houston isn't taking any time off this summer and doesn't need a workout buddy to drag him to the gym. He will be there even if it means by himself. "There's like no breaks for me. I like to work out, even if no one is in there, just so I can get stronger."

Besides hitting the weights, working out or going through passing league Houston has had some time for camp. He just got back from camp at USC and he would say he did 'pretty well'. One might base this on one on one success or great testing. Houston could base it off the offer he received.

"Recently I just got back from the USC camp. I think that I did pretty well. I tested as a cornerback and wide receiver. I play cornerback or safety. I did get an offer from USC. It was another big school to offer. It's going to push me to work out more and get better."

Houston is getting to a point where naming each and every school that has offered will take a while. He knows them all though. "Let's see there is Miami, USC now, Colorado, Arizona, Kansas State, Oregon State, San Diego State, Washington State, and Nebraska."

Houston is being looked at to play wide receiver and the next level and possibly safety. On offense last year he had 17 receptions for 410 yards and 5 TDs and on defense he had 54 tackles and 3 interceptions. Houston really looks up to two players that were drafted in the first round this past year.

"I have players that I idolize, football players that were in college. I like Mike Williams from USC. The way that he handled himself, still worked out and showed the dedication when he couldn't play. He's a great receiver. Then there's Braylon Edwards and he just makes incredible catches."

One team is set to receive an official visit from Houston and he had some encouraging words to say about that school. "I've set up a visit to Nebraska for September 3 for the Maine game. Nebraska is a good school, they have a good program and they have good coaches."

Houston has the size and speed that any school would love to have at the receiver position. When it comes to comparing schools like Nebraska to a USC or even San Diego State for a recruit from California sometimes distance becomes an issue. Not with Houston.

"No sir, distance isn't a big part of my decision."

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