LeSean McCoy ready for his road trip to begin

There's plenty of recruits out there just waiting for the recruiting attention to come to them. With 40-plus offers, LeSean McCoy doesn't need to wait any longer. He isn't wanting to, still thinking about a road trip he wants to take to the midwest. Now, the question is, will it happen?


LeSean McCoy is sitting on almost 40 offers and up to this point, he's only managed to personally see four.


That's a problem, one LeSean was going to try an address over the summer with a tour of the Midwestern region of the United State.


That tour is still a goal for McCoy, but there's one slight hang up. "My coach is on vacation, so we can't go until he gets back," McCoy said. "I'm still hoping to make that trip, though, because there's a lot of schools I want to see."


LeSean wouldn't be specific as to which schools those were, saying that the actual plan hasn't been formulated as of yet. But, Nebraska is still one of the possible destinations.


"Until we sit down and think about where exactly we are going, I'm not saying anyone is in for a visit or out," McCoy said. "But, Nebraska is there, but there's a lot I don't know about them other than the fact that they got Marlon Lucky last year."


That's been a topic of interest, Nebraska scoring one of the best running backs in the country, seemingly an impact upon possible running backs for the future. McCoy said that Lucky as a competitor isn't the issue, rather it has to do with the coaches that as of right now, he doesn't know. "Competition doesn't mean a thing to me, I'll take on anyone," he said. "What you don't know, though, is how the coaches treat their depth chart, whether it's the best player that hits the field or is it the senior, junior or whatever."


Senioritis as we like to call it is definitely a concern for most players looking at college as they head into their last year at the prep-level. Despite how good they individually are, how a coach treats their players, relates to them and really does indeed play the best player on the roster; that's all most think about when looking at a lot of these schools.


That's something that as for most any school amongst his growing list of offers he simply doesn't know, because the most important part of knowing is something he's waiting to do.


"That's why you go see them, so you know everything you can know about what they do, what they are like and how you might fit in," LeSean said. "That's why I don't even have close to a narrowed list right now."


"I know some have me saying that I do, but that's not the case at all. How can I narrow my list when I have only seen a few schools?"


In a week or so, LeSean will know for certain whether he's going to be making that trip, himself and his coach, along with amongst others, his teammate quarterback Jeremy Ricker.


If he doesn't make any, his strategy will change a little, some of those far-off visits he planned to make unofficially, will then become candidates for one of the five official visits he's allowed either during or after the year. "It doesn't make sense to officially visit someplace I can just drive to," LeSean said. "So, with some of the schools farther out that I can't just drive to easily, I'll probably go there for my official visits."


"We'll see, but I know time is running out."


About a month to go before McCoy straps it on for the last time at the prep-level. That's about a month he'll have to get that trip in if he can. As up in the air as he is in regards to teams recruiting him right now, he knows that if he can make that trip and see a lot of schools, he'll be that much closer to figuring out who some of this favorites will be.


"You only know by going, so that's what you want to do," he said. "If I can make some unofficial visits out there, that means that many more school I can visit maybe even farther out officially. Hopefully, I will know what we are going to do in about a week, because if we are going, it's going to have to be right after that."


"Then we'll see what some teams have to offer."




McCoy numbers himself amongst quite a few Nebraska is going after, the Husker staff having offered some 17 players at the position.


Of that number, the candidates that now seem like shots, if not totally realistic shots are as follows:


Running Back
PLAYER HGT/WGT Video Offer Camp Visited Official
Stanley Havili

Salt Lake City, UT
6-1, 215, 4.55/40 Yes No No TBD
Competition: Arizona(O), Arizona State(O), BYU(O), Iowa(O), Utah(O)
Javarris James

Immokalee, FL
6-1, 205, 4.55/40    Yes No No TBD
Competition: Miami(O), Florida(O), Oklahoma(O), USC, Oklahoma State(O)

LeSean McCoy

Harrisburg, PA
5-11, 200, 4.45/40  Yes No No TBD
Competition: Miami(O), Oklahoma(O), Penn State(O), Tennessee(O), USC(O), Virginia(O)
Brandon Minor

Richmond, VA
6-1, 210, 4.5/40  Yes No No TBD
Competition: Miami(O), Florida(O), Michigan(O), Georgia(O), Ohio State(O), Virginia(O)
Evan Royster

Chantilly, VA
6-0, 190, 4.45/40  NA Yes No No TBD
Competition: Oklahoma(O), Florida, Virginia(O), Maryland(O), Florida State, Tennessee 
C.J. Spiller

Lake Butler, FL
5-10, 185, 4.40/40 Yes No No TBD
Competition: Florida(O), Auburn(O), Florida State(O), Miami(O)
Ricky Thenarse

Los Angeles, CA
6-1, 180, NA NA Yes No No TBD
Competition: Oregon, UCLA, Colorado(O), USC, Utah 
Mon Williams

Mesquite, TX
6-1, 190, 4.55/40 Yes No No TBD
Competition: Florida(O), Texas(O), Oklahoma(O), Texas A&M(O), Oklahoma State(O)
Moncell Allen

New Orleans, LA
5-8, 220, 4.6/40 Yes No No TBD
Competition: Mississippi(O), UCLA(O), Kentucky(O), USC, Tennessee
Antwaan Cobb

Pflugerville, TX
5-10.5, 185, 4.62/40 NA Yes No No 09/02/05
Competition: Oklahoma State(O), Missouri(O), Texas A&M(O), UTEP(O), LSU

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