Anderson has Huskers in top five

You want to talk about special then take Terrance Anderson. He is being recruited as a defensive back or an athlete by everyone that has offered. The problem is he played minimal time on defense last year and expects that won't change much this year. Like last year, Anderson will most likely spend the majority of his time under center. This top athlete has a top five and knows about one official for sure.

At 5-foot-10 and 160 pounds, Terrance Anderson won't get drafted to play quarterback in college. Would it be nice to put him under center a snap or two a game? Sure. But primarily you will see him at another position and most likely the other side of the ball.

Anderson is getting ready for the fall and for football in general if it comes to playing quarterback or on defense somewhere. "Yes sir, we are doing a lot of working out," Anderson said. "We are playing seven on seven within our districts. I am also in the weight room a lot. Same old thing every year."

"We are playing pretty well offensively and on defense. I am starting at quarterback and cornerback. I will be playing both positions this fall. We run a three wide out offense. I threw for almost 900 yards, rushed for 700, threw for five touchdowns and rushed for 12 touchdowns."

The offensive stats indicate that Anderson can be effective as a quarterback. However, he is being looked at the most by college teams to play defensive back. How did he play on defense last year?

"I really didn't play a lot of defense last year. They would put me in if a team was trying to go deep then I would go in. I really didn't play much defense. Hopefully I will play so more defense this year, but I really don't think that it will."

It just isn't possible for Anderson to come up with a number anymore on how many schools have offered. He was able to ramble off a few of them that came to mind though.

"I have quite a few offers. I can't really count them all right now. Some of them are Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Colorado, Nebraska, UTEP, Iowa State, Arizona, San Diego State and quite a few others."

One peculiar thing about that list, and it isn't an oversight by Anderson, there aren't any Texas schools on it. "I haven't had an offer from any in-state schools. Not even Houston or Baylor."

Anderson got out for a traveling Oklahoma State camp that made it's way down to Houston. At the camp he performed well and tested as a defensive back. "I went to the traveling Oklahoma State camp. I did pretty good. I played defensive back. I did pretty good."

So what are all of the schools recruiting him for anyway? It seems like most like him at defensive back despite his relative lack of playing time there last year.

"There are a lot of colleges recruiting me as a defensive back. There are also a lot of colleges recruiting me as an athlete. They are saying I could play offense, defense or return duties. They just want to be able to put me wherever I can help the team out."

Many don't have the time or want to start narrowing things down in July, but Anderson is looking at a top five right now and is planning on setting up at least one official to a school in his top five right now.

"I have thought about it. My top five are Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, Northwestern and Nebraska. I've set an official visit to go to Oklahoma. I don't know what weekend it is though. I am going to try and set up an official to the other schools in my top five."

Nebraska has made it into Anderson's top five. It's partly due to the recruiter that Anderson has had a chance to talk to from Nebraska. "Coach John Blake is recruiting me from Nebraska. I've talked to him once or twice. He seems like a pretty nice guy. He really seems like a guy that doesn't want to be serious all of the time. He knows when the time is to be serious though."

Anderson thinks that Nebraska will get one of the four remaining officials. Distance isn't a factor for the standout from Houston (Texas) Aldine. He is all about playing division one football and if leaving the state is necessary to do that then he will.

"That is a team that I am going to probably set up an official visit for. Distance isn't a big deal. It doesn't bother me one bit. I wouldn't mind staying close to my home, but if a division one college wants me to go out of state then hey, I want to play football at a division one college."

When it comes to picking out a college Anderson is looking at academics first and football second. "First and foremost I am looking at the academic program. I am going to look at the graduation rate and stuff like that. Secondly I will look at the football and athletic program. If I feel at home there then I won't be uncomfortable there."

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