Picou's plans put on hold, comments on cousin

You don't want any of your recruits to have academic issues. Nebraska has already lost Brodrick Hunter and Wallace Franklin due to academics; to lose a third would be catastrophic. Especially someone like Rodney Picou, a participant in the U.S. Army All-American game last year and a lineman that could provide instant depth to basically every position along the line.

What makes Rodney Picou so valuable? Is it his size? At 6-foot-5 and 300 pounds it helps. Is it his athleticism? He does run a five second 40-yard dash. No, there is something that makes Picou far more valuable potentially to Nebraska and might make a possible loss so great if he doesn't pass a summer class. His versatility as a lineman is the biggest strength to Nebraska.

"I am taking a summer class right now," Picou said. "I think that it's only going to last three weeks. When that is over I will be good to go. Then I can leave. It's a physical science class. I should be alright in that."

Beyond the class Picou is staying in shape and was taking in some family time on Independence Day. "The summer is going alright. I am sitting here right now playing dominoes with my family. I am getting ready to lay one down right now."

Picou is antsy about getting to Lincoln. He has been talking to his cousin who is another Husker commit, Jordan Picou, and another Husker that has already found himself in Lincoln after an acadmic hurdle. "I am looking forward to getting to Lincoln. I am ready to go. I have talked to Marlon Lucky. He said it's fine. He's having fun."

While Big Red Report did not have a chance to catch up with Jordan, to Rodney's knowledge Jordan is still on pace to make it to Lincoln this summer. "Jordan is doing alright. He's on his way over. Yeah, things are looking good for him to get to Lincoln this summer too. We are just ready to go."

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