Official offer finally in from Nebraska

It's been awhile in coming, but it finally arrived, Travis Goethel getting the official written offer from the University of Nebraska on Tuesday. With the offer in writing for this California linebacker, where do the Huskers stand now?

Vista, California linebacker has been talking about the offer he was waiting to get from the University of Nebraska . Talking about it, because he knew it would come. Well, on Tuesday it did. "Yeah, I just got the official written offer today," Travis said. "I knew it was coming or that's what they had told me, but it's nice to finally have it."

It's nice, because Goethel grew up watching Nebraska to a degree, his mother actually from the Husker state. What is more ironic, though, is the connection that his Vista high school team has to Nebraska , the "Panthers" utilizing a valued Husker tradition.

"Our defense is called the "blackshirts"," Goethel said. "It's been going for like ten years here and I've had mine since my sophomore year."

Like in Lincoln , the black jersey that indicates who the starters are on defense is both coveted and revered. As to the value once you get one, ask Goethel, because as quickly as he got his jersey, it was taken away. "My first game after I got it, I had a terrible game and they took it away," Goethel said. "But, I got it back the next game and have had it ever since."

The jersey and much of what Nebraska has done on defense is similar to what Nebraska did back in the day. But Goethel said that the similarities don't stop there.

"There's a lot of stuff on both sides that we do that is really close to what they did back when they were beating everyone," he said. "I guess the way it worked for them, the coaches figured it might work here to."

It didn't work too bad last year, Goethel's team going 10-2-1 on the year, Travis himself boasting a pretty impressive year, tallying 90 tackles, including five sacks, along with two forced fumbles and two interceptions.

The team success along with the individual success is just part of the reason that Goethel has seen his recruiting increase, seemingly by the week. With this latest offer from Nebraska , Goethel now boasts offers from UCLA, San Diego State , Utah and Oregon State .

Almost in complete opposition to the to-the-edge-style of play Goethel has on the field, though, he's looking at recruiting in a far different light. "It's going, it's good, but I'm not really thinking a lot about it right now," he said. "I guess I am just taking things as they come."

One of the reasons Travis is basically taking it easy in regards to the recruiting, he's not been able to have the kind of contact with coaches that he would like. To get answers to the questions he has, to get to know each program a little more and basically to get to know the coaches better than you can through text messaging or some hand-written letters.

"Outside of what I have seen on TV and stuff like that, I haven't really gotten to know a lot about any of the programs," he said. "Our team went to a passing league at San Diego State , but that was about it."

"So, I'm just waiting to find out a little more and get to see which coaches I get along with the best."

 Within the relationships yet to develop, Travis does admit that he does show some favoritism towards a few select teams. Not because they are the best for him, but like the Huskers, these are teams he's at least grown up with some affection for after years of watching them play.

"Well, you look at Nebraska and I followed them when they were beating everyone," Goethel said. "And you look at a school like Notre Dame and that's basically all you have to say. Also, I'd throw UCLA on there along with Arizona State , because I know a little bit about them as well."

Neither Notre Dame or ASU has offered Goethel yet and Travis said that even if they did, it wouldn't immediately move them up to the top of the list. They are just teams he's watched, hence he's got a little more familiarity with where they have been and are going.

As for where he's going, it's nowhere for right now, but that's just fine with him. Travis said that he's more than content with taking the recruiting process as it comes to him, checking schools out as he goes. "I'm not really all that caught up with it right now," he said. "Right now, I am just sort of looking at the kind of opportunities there are to play at a school, but I won't know a lot about any of that until I talk to the coaches."

"So, I'm just taking it easy until then."


Nebraska has offered approximately 20 linebackers right now, Goethel one of approximately 10 that could be slated to play the WILL linebacker position.

Of those, Nerbaska still sits with a shot, even if it's a remote one with Bani Gbadyu, possibly Nebraska 's top prospect at the position, out of Gaithersburg , Maryland ; Ronnie Paulo, a linebacker similar to Goethel in frame, Paulo hailing from Las Vegas , Nevada .

Others on the list for the future could be Toryan Smith out of Rome , Georgia ; Kelvin Sheppard out of Stone Mountain , Georgia and probably still a chance, but a fast-fading one is Alex Wujciak from West Orange , New Jersey .

Of these candidates, Paulo seems to be the best shot for Nebraska , but nobody should be ruling out Gbadyu either. His name will climb the charts as his offers have been exploding over the months, but Nebraska still looks very favorable to get an official visit

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