Paulo changes up official visit

Nebraska is looking to take one or two linebackers in this year's class. They may have found a gem in the desert in Ronnie Paulo. Paulo's ability on the field shouldn't be questioned as teams rarely ran in his direction just because of him. Quietly, Paulo is picking up some new offers and has set up an official to Nebraska.

It's the middle of summer and in the middle of the day so where would you find Ronnie Paulo? Try looking in the weight room. More often than not, Paulo is in the weight room whether if it's with his team, a couple of other players or by himself.

"I'm at the gym right now," Paulo said. "That's how dedicated I am."

The official visit date has slipped a bit for Nebraska. It was originally thought that Paulo would come in for the home opener against Maine. Now an already big weekend on the field and already for official visits got bigger for Nebraska.

"I am going to the Oklahoma on October 29. I changed it from the first weekend. It's a rivalry game. It's going to be really big. I think that we are on a bye that week."

Nebraska won't be the first division one college that Paulo visits unfortunately. Later this month Paulo will be making a trip north to see Utah. "I am going to visit Utah in July. Either on the 23rd or 24th. It will be right when I get done with summer school."

Summer school for Paulo isn't an effort to get qualified for next year necessarily. Instead, Paulo is using him time this summer to get ahead for his senior year. "School is going good. I am taking government just to get ahead. It's not a qualification issue. It's just to get ahead."

Paulo is still sitting on two written offers, but it seems that a third could be on it's way any day. "I am still at two offers (Nebraska and Utah), but I am hearing about an Arizona State offer except I haven't got a confirmation on it. Most likely it will come to me in the mail pretty soon."

Paulo is staying in regular contact with the Nebraska coaching staff despite it being only him that can initiate the contact. He has really taken a liking to the recruiting coach from Nebraska. "Yeah, definitely. I talk to Coach Wagner quite a bit. He's something else. I talk to him quite a bit."

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