#1 CB in the country talks about the future

As the summer months draw on and we come closer and closer towards senior seasons, recruiting starts to heat up as much as the temperatures and everyone wants to know about the top prospects. Scout's #1 ranked player at his position, Jai Eugene, sat down and chatted with us a bit about where Nebraska fits into his current plans and even spoke about a possible visit.

For a team needing both talent and depth in the defensive secondary, Jai Eugene would be a gift from above.  One such team with that need would be Nebraska and while the Cornhuskers have been recruiting Jai very hard, the lure is definitely there to head to LSU with Les Miles.  We were able to catch up to Eugene and ask him about some of his plans for the coming months.

Eugene reports no new offers as of late and notes about forty total overall.  The teams he is still strongly considering out of that number are USC, Miami, Florida, Oklahoma, Michigan, Auburn, LSU, Tennessee, Nebraska, Notre Dame, UCLA, Florida State, Alabama, Georgia, Washington, Oregon, Texas and Texas Tech.  Jai took the time to attend the Scout.com Combine held at Tulane and enjoyed the experience thoroughly.

"It was great, man.  I ran the fastest 40 time.  I didn't do any one on one drills because they told me I didn't have to.  All they wanted was to do was a couple of interviews," said Eugene.  That's the kind of status being ranked #1 in the country at your position will give you. 

Upon reaching the subject of official visits, it appears that four of the five spots are pretty well nailed down.  "I know I'm going to take an official visit to USC and Miami, Tennessee, I'm going to see how that is this summer, Florida probably (Eugene is going to visit Gainesville unofficially on the 22nd) and someone else for the last spot," said Eugene.  So with that fifth spot, do the Cornhuskers stand a chance for a visit?  "Yeah, Nebraska has a shot at the final visit.  Nebraska is right there trying to get a shot with Oklahoma and all them," said Eugene.

Jai still keeps in contact with his "brother" in Lincoln, Barry Cryer.  Eugene reports that Barry quite enjoys the attention he has received as a Cornhusker.  "He loves it," said Jai. "He says the fans are great and the first time he was at a game, people were calling his name and he felt like a celebrity."

When it comes to naming favorites, Jai isn't quite ready to do so, but feels the time is coming when he can let the cat out of the bag.  "I don't have a favorite, but I've probably got a top ten.  I haven't been to see any schools yet. The only school I've been visiting is LSU. I go up there once or twice a month since they're so close, so I can't really eliminate schools since I haven't been there," he said.  Jai plans to have a Top 8-10 by the beginning of his school year and will whittle things down at that point.

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