Reese still holding Nebraska in his top two

You want size at the receiver spot. Speed too. Speed kills. Look no further than Terrell Reese for the entire package at receiver. The 6-foot-4 and 195 pound Reese has still has a high 4.5 to low 4.6 40-yard dash time with incredible body control and athleticism.

There is a good one down in Pflugerville (Texas) Hendrickson. Terrell Reese is trying to make himself even better. This summer he is running full-court basketball and then lifting weight s to get ready for the fall. All of that around summer school.

"It's going good. I am going to summer school to knock out one of the classes that I would have to take next year," Reese said. "I am going up to the school to run with the basketball team and also to lift weights."

Reese is still sitting on the same six offers that he has had for a while. He hasn't gotten around to setting up any official visits yet, but it looks like two schools are guaranteed an official.

"I am up to the same six offers. I have one from Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Arizona, Arkansas and Missouri. I haven't gotten around to setting up any official visits yet."

"Yeah, I will take officials to Nebraska and Oklahoma as of right now. Those two are my favorites."

Here are Reese's thoughts on his favorites:

Oklahoma - "It's a great school. Academically they are very good. They have a good team. I like the competition level. They always have top players playing. I have always liked them."

Nebraska - "They have great tradition. When I was growing up I would watch them. I have been a Husker fan since I was in middle school. I remember their last national championship."

This fall Reese will see himself playing a little on defense and a lot on offense. The receiver will also be lining up under center to let the best player get his hands on the ball and make plays.

"I think so. I probably won't play a lot of defense, but I will be out there a little bit. I will play a little safety. I will probably be in the shotgun as a quarterback too a little bit."

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