Huskers looking good for official from Stewart

The hunt is on to get some offensive tackles. Nebraska has already gone out and nailed down two in-state offensive line recruits now the search goes on nationally. One of the larger targets that Nebraska has their eyes on is Chris Stewart. Stewart recently pared down his list to a top five and Nebraska made the cut.

You know that Chris Stewart has to be athletic for a big man if he was out playing basketball. You also have to know that he is healthy or at least better following a lower back injury in the off-season. The standout from Klein (Texas) caught up with Big Red Report tonight.

"I just got back in from playing basketball," Stewart said. "I come from a basketball family though."

"I am probably around 6-foot-5 and 350 pounds right now. I had strained my lower lumbar when I was working out. It was a freak accident. I went through rehab so I am fine with it now."

The goals this summer ranged from gaining strength, to cutting some weight to passing summer school. Stewart looks to be achieving all three goals. The summer is going good. I have gotten a little stronger and a little leaner. I am just working out and going to summer school."

The back injury really prohibited Stewart from taking part in some camps and combines that he originally planned on attending. "I didn't. I held off on all of them because I didn't want to mess my back or anything. I just stuck around and worked out myself."

The lack of exposure for the big man to colleges through the camps hasn't really held him back at all. Stewart nearly has 20 offers, but has narrowed things down quite a bit already. "I am up to about 18 offers by my last count. I have already narrowed it down to a top five. I've got Texas A&M, LSU, Notre Dame, Ole Miss and Nebraska."

Here are Stewart's thoughts on his favorites:

Texas A&M - "They are close to home. They have a really good coaching staff and facilities. I think that their program is going to be on the rise for the next couple of years and do something really good."

LSU - "They have a new coach and have a really good fan base. They have nice facilities. That would be a fun place to play at."

Notre Dame -"I like Coach Weis and his staff. I have had chance to talk with all of them. They have a national fan base. They have real strong academics."

Ole Miss -"I am from Mississippi. I think that their coaches are really going to do a good job. They have a lot of experience with NFL players."

Nebraska -"I don't know much about Nebraska. I just know that Coach Callahan is working on the West Coast offense. I don't really know too much more than that."

While Stewart does have things narrowed down so early he hasn't set up his officials to any of the schools in his top five. No worries though, it seems like the top five are his final top five and will receive his official visits.

"I haven't set up any official visits yet, but most likely those are the five that I will go ahead and visit. I am just going to stay with those five and check them out. Just concentrate on them. Those are five really different programs. These are the most interesting to me from the start."

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