St. Louis' Gully Talks About Offers; Big Red

In the ever continuing search for quality athletes to fill up the recruiting class, Nebraska has turned to its own region several times and appears to be doing just that in the recruitment of Missouri native Antonio Gully. We were able to catch up to Gully to find out about new offers and his thoughts about his recruitment by the Cornhuskers thus far.

Antonio Gully is one of those intriguing prospects not necessarily because of looks or measurements, but rather what he brings to the table.  Gully provides his eventual collegiate choice with the legitimate option of placing him at either the wide receiver position or in a cornerback role in the defensive secondary.  It appears that the Nebraska Cornhuskers are looking at him as the former role, but once you get an athlete into your hands, things can change.

Gully reports that he recently picked up a new offer from the Houston Cougars and is reporting 10-11 totals in all from schools such as Nebraska, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, UAB, Arkansas State and Missouri.  Antonio says he's done with the summer circuit of camps, combines and unofficial visits but he does have a top three: Nebraska, Illinois and Wisconsin. 

In sitting down and talking to Gully about how he felt in regards to his recruitment by the Cornhuskers, he mentioned that it seemed, for a moment at least, that it was beginning to end.  "For a minute, it sounded like they let up off me, but it's all part of the process so it's all the same," he said.  In terms of contact, Gully notes that no one can do much right now, but he said that if he were to take an official to Nebraska, "I think I would have a good time there."

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