Toryan Smith's Top Five Announced

What is known about Georgia linebacker Toryan Smith? He's big, he's strong, he's got instincts and he's also wanted by several of the top schools in the country. There was knowledge of an official visit, but not much else had been heard from Smith in terms of where he stands with Nebraska. We were able to catch up to him and find out just what he thinks.

If there's one thing that a school like, say, Miami or USC, can tell you, it's that you can never have too many quality linebackers.  Quality is a word easily associated with Rome, Georgia's own Toryan Smith.  He's got the size, he's got the potential to be everything you want in a dominant, powerful linebacker.  The question is: Who is going to be lucky enough to nab him?

Smith can add offers from Wake Forest and Memphis to his list of 28 that includes Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Nebraska, Notre Dame, UCF, Washington, UCLA, Auburn and Alabama.  Smith claims no more summer journeys as he's done with the recruiting trail for the moment. 

Now, Toryan is eying something a little more tangible and something that certain fans are going to enjoy quite a bit: official visits.  The list has been made and five schools remain in the running for Smith's services.  Florida will be visited on the 26th of November.  Oklahoma will get to see him on the 3rd of September, Michigan during some time in October along with Notre Dame and finally, Nebraska will host Smith during their match up with rival Oklahoma.

Smith said of his attending the Oklahoma game, "I could've chosen any game I wanted (of Nebraska's) to attend, but I wanted that one."  Toryan was complimentary regarding Nebraska's recruitment of him as well.  "Right now, they're keeping in touch and apparently they're doing something right since they got an official visit," he said.  Randy Jordan is doing the primary recruiting with Toryan and Smith has enjoyed his contact with Nebraska.  "I like him a lot. He's a good guy and a good Christian man," he said.

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