David Ausberry one of the "Super 64"

As the time winds down to football, many high school athletes have been working out, going to camps, combines or whatever, trying to get better, faster, stronger and maybe even get their name a little more pub. For David Ausberry, he's got all the pub he needs, so it's just about preparation, but in getting ready for his final season of football, you might find it hard to believe where he's going before his senior year starts.

Some players are actually practicing right now, preparing for another year of prep-football. Some are just working out, preparing for that time. Well, Davis Ausberry is doing that, but before his final season starts, he's got one other little detail to get out of the way:


Yep, basketball, but not just any basketball, the "Adidas Super 64" Tournament being held in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's where the best summer traveling teams come together to see who's the best. And amongst those teams are some of the best prep-basketball players across the land.

Ausberry will be competing with that group, a member of the Central-Cali Super Stars in the top tiered Super 64 division. That means the best faces the best.

That's a heck of a deal, but Ausberry looks at it in a way only a super football athlete could. It's an honor, yes, but it's also something he'd trade in for it to be a couple weeks farther in the calendar. "It's fun, but I'm all about football right now," David said. "All my focus is on football and I've just been training to get ready for my final year."

"Heck, I've only been to one practice so far and we leave in a couple of days."

With all the super stud prep-basketball players around the country converging on Vegas to show out, you wouldn't think Ausberry's goals on how his team will do in this tournament aren't real high. After all, he admitted that it's been football, football and more football as to what he's concentrated on during this off-season, the most.

Well, think again, because a lack of not playing doesn't change the fact that Ausberry is going back for the second time and this time he'd like to come out of it on top. "Oh, I don't care if it had been a year since I played, I'd still want to win," David said. "Heck, I think we would have won last year, but we got beat by a team coached by Antwan Jamison."

It's an exciting tournament and yes, he wants to win, but again, he's got his mind on something else, even before he sets foot in Nevada. I guess it would be hard not to, the mail coming in, piling up, David's mom uttering something about four boxes full and it just keeps piling up. "I don't know what to do with all this junk," she said. "I am not even thinking of sorting it out. Heck, I can't even carry it all."

"I guess we'll just let it pile up and sort through it in a few years."

The offers went into double-digits long ago, the most recent coming from Notre Dame and Oregon State. Both are significant, but in the overall aspect, they are just some more teams, at least right now.

There's time enough for that, but David is more worried about getting better, faster and stronger and not necessarily because of the attention. "It's to win, that's it," he said. "The recruiting is nice, but when I step on the field, I'm not worried about impressing anyone. I am worried about winning. And I know I am going to have to be at the top of my game to help out this year."

Ausberry is moving to the top already, ranked as one of Scout.com's top ten wideouts in the country. And before his season starts, he could find himself ranked higher than that.

When the season does finally get going, though, rankings, teams, everyone goes into the backseat, because it's time to get down to business. "This is what I have been working out for, preparing for, making sure that I am as good as I can be," he said. "There's never enough time, though, because there's always more you can work on to get better at some part of your game."

The season will be about football, but within that season, there could be time to slip in a little recruiting. During a bye-week just after the first week of September, his team has their one week off and that's when David might hit the road. "We haven't really scheduled it officially, but we've talked about going to Nebraska if it fits in the schedule," David said. "That's a little far ahead right now, so I am not thinking about it too much. But, I think that's how it might work out."

Nebraska continues to be a team that against all odds, finds itself in the battle for a nationally prominent wideout in the backyard of the most successful college football team in the last two years.

And while USC is no doubt going to be on the TV almost every single game they play, Ausberry said that he's going to be trying to watch a few others, Nebraska in particular. Not because he's so enamored with them, but like some of the rest of the country, they want to see what the Huskers can do with this new offense, now that they have a west coast savvy quarterback in place.

"Yeah, I heard about what they went through last year, so it will be interesting to see what they do with the quarterbacks they have now," David said. "Do they throw effectively, how do they use their wideouts and just things like that."

"You know, receiver stuff."

While Nebraska looms as the first official visit, as Ausberry said, it's not quite official as of yet. So, there are no other official visits planned either, though USC and Ohio State look like probable vistis for the future.

Enough of that, though, because Ausberry isn't listening. In fact he would like to forget all of that and get back to what he likes to do the most and it's not play basketball in Las Vegas. "Football is where it's at for me," David said. "I don't want anyone thinking that I am now thinking about playing basketball to."

"I'm not. I am totally into one sport and it's not basketball. This is just something I am going to do"

The Adidas Super 64 starts on the 22nd of this month and finishes four days later.

After that, Ausberry can get back to doing what he really wants to do

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