The waiting game: Starring Bryan Wilson

As the days grow closer to Fall practice, the questions keep coming as to who is on campus and who isn't. Well, good news for Husker fans is that most of the record-setting class has arrived. There are a few names still looming out there, though, one of those being Bryan Wilson and we caught up with him this evening to see just how his progress is going.

"I finished my class and I just took my final exam."

Those were the words of future Husker and junior college transfer Bryan Wilson as he finishes up classes, to meet the transfer requirements so he can play his remaining collegiate football days at Nebraska.

It's been an interesting road for Wilson as this is just the latest thing to overcome in a long line of things to overcome.

First, there were the shoulder injuries in high school that had him missing some of his junior year and all of his senior year of prep-ball. And then, there was his one year stint at College of the Canyons, where he broke his leg, missing that season as well.

Finally back to healthy, Wilson just needed to get his academics in line for the future.

To that end, he thinks he did pretty well. "I'm not worried about failing this class or anything," he said. "I had a C going into this final and I know I did pretty well, so I am just waiting for that grade to come back this week and I'll be ready to head to Lincoln."

The anticipation is there for Wilson, but that goes without saying. Likewise, though, it probably is for the staff as well. Wilson figures to be a major key in trying to bring back a secondary from a season, where it ranked amongst the worst defensive backfields in the country.

Along side fellow junior college transfer Zack Bowman, they bring an age factor, but the big key with each is that they bring size and speed as well. Both are 6 foot, 2 inches tall, both weigh in around the 190 pound range and while Bowman runs a freakish 4.3/40, Wilson isn't bad either, running in the low 4.5-range.

With the loss of Fabian Washington along with the potential career-ending injury to another junior college transfer in Donald DeFrand, the Husker secondary was looking as if this group could have a potentially worse year this season than they did in the last.

If Wilson does finally make it on campus, it still won't address the significant lack of experience they have in the secondary, with safety Daniel Bullock being the only player with more than two games as a starter under his belt. It will help their depth issues, though, and like all junior college recruits, there's the hope that these two will take the starting spots for their own.

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