California ATH looking at a top three

It's a dilemma that more and more recruits these days find themselves faced with. The problem is one position or another. One side of the ball or the other. For some schools, they simply label them as athletes. Other schools don't recruit kids as athletes, but rather tell them up-front this position and possibly this one. Anthony McCoy is hearing all sorts of positions.

Things are busy for Anthony McCoy right now. The 6-foot-5 and 230 pound standout from Fresno (Calif.) is finding that the more things change, the more things stay the same. While he might be out playing basketball, indirectly he is benefiting in his football conditioning.

"It's going great right now," McCoy said. "I am pretty much doing something that always has something to do with getting in shape for football. I am playing basketball, lifting or conditioning. I am always doing something dealing with getting ready for the up coming season."

There is one goal for McCoy right now to improve his 40 time. Not to become a better player necessarily, but to prove to schools that he is a wide receiver and not a tight end or another position. He is getting closer to that goal.

"I am trying to get my 40 to a 4.5. I would like get my 40 to a low 4.5. I ran a 4.63 and I am about a 4.60 right now. I am just trying to get my speed up. I am hoping that a lot more schools look at me as a receiver instead of a tight end."

"Some people are recruiting me as one or the other position. Some people are recruiting me as an athlete. Most schools see me at one of those two positions though."

McCoy is currently holding five offers, but a sixth offer could very well be on the way. He is anticipating the coming offer. "I have about five or six offers right now. I have one from Oklahoma, Fresno State, Washington State, California, Nebraska and USC is close to offering me right now. That is about it."

As of right now, McCoy has taken that six and has three standing out front of the other three. "I have it narrowed it down, kind of, it's probably USC, California and Oklahoma. Distance isn't really a big deal. It really depends on the area, the conditions and the neighborhood."

Distance won't keep McCoy from considering Nebraska, but the positition that they are recruiting him as might. "Coach Wagner is recruiting me from Nebraska. It really depends on what they are recruiting me as. I think that they wanted me as a defensive player, but I really wasn't sure it was them or Washington State. I really don't want to be a defensive player, but if it comes down to that I would look at that."

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