As the Ball Turns

The crowd goes into a silent hush. They sit silently, still awaiting that next big score. As opponents glare at each other, the intensity is almost surreal. Truly here, only now can anyone understand fully what it was to be a Gladiator.

A competition that spans time and space, these opponents have squared off before. Going two and fro, back and forth, the tide changing with every drop of a pin.

A pin? Yes, a pin damnit and we aren't talking about something so meaningless as a life and death struggle in the middle of "The" Coliseum, we are talking about bowling and when you bring names like Leise, Bolt and Eymann into that discussion, you know we are talking big-time baby.

It's all about using their balls to knock down the most pins in the least amount of frames.'s about taking their balls, throwing them down the lane and seeing who can knock down the most of those pointy-white things in the least amount of tries.


It's about more than winning, it's about more than money. Hell, there's not even any really cute girls involved, so you know this is a man-thing, it's a bragging rights thing and that says it all right there.

Jeff Leise's house vs. Will Bolt's house or Brandon Eymann's house or whoever want to claim that particular domain that week and it's about who owns who. The drama is ever-present.

In last week's edition of "How the Ball Turn", Brandon Eymann recalled a convincing drubbing of Jeff Leise and friends. "We suckered them in" is how Eymann put it as they apparently lulled Jeff's group into a false confidence stating, "I said I hadn't bowled in awhile".

Considering the reported margin of victory, Bolt and company were for real, but Jeff Leise said it was a fluke, that it wouldn't happen again and that Eymann was flat-out lucky. "He (Eymann) had the game of his life (last time), he's really not that good." "I mean, we are definitely the better bowling house, but we just had an off-night."

Tensions mount, unrest fills the air and as these Gladiators and their big plastic balls collide, you can literally hear the veins popping. One house versus another and bulletin board material like "He (Leise) needs to know that a left-hander has no place in a right-handed league" as uttered by Brandon Eymann, only lend to the already monumental proportions of this heated rivalry.

Coming off a loss, Leise and company do not stand thwarted, but resolved to coming back and proving who's the best. "We'll come back and get them next time." We took it easy on them last time, but we'll get them for sure."

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