Is Nebraska Still In It For Aleric Mullins?

With Nebraska snagging man-child Ndamukong Suh out of Portland, Oregon last year, the Cornhuskers look to snag another highly-ranked prospect from the other end of the country. North Carolina's Aleric Mullins took the time to speak to us about where he stands in the recruiting process and what he thinks of Nebraska.

Aleric Mullins uprooted and traveled all the way from Missouri to North Carolina which left a number of Cornhusker fans wondering if he was still within their grasp.  We sat down with Mullins to get his take on how things are going during his recruitment and find out if the Big Red still had a shot.

Mullins currently reports 11 offers including North Carolina, Missouri, Arkansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Michigan State, North Carolina State, Virginia Tech and Georgia.  He has no more unofficial visits, camps or combines yet to visit.  He also mentions that he is currently in the planning stages as far as official visits go and no schools really stick out at this particular time for one.

When asked about current favorites, Mullins has one in mind, but isn't quite ready to give them that nod.  "Oklahoma has always been my favorite school, but I'd rather not single them out yet," he said. 

When asked about his relationship with Nebraska, what Mullins had to say might cause a Cornhusker fan's ears to perk up a bit.  "I haven't had a chance to talk to them except the first time they called me.  The defensive line coach (John Blake) called.  That's a team I'd really like to get in contact with," he said.  When asked about the prospect of visiting the Cornhuskers officially, Mullins said,"I would love to visit Nebraska."

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