Konrad Reuland Speaks Out On NU Unofficial

With Matt Herian possibly on the shelf this season and a number of talented but somewhat inexperienced people behind him at tight end, the need is obviously there for Nebraska this recruiting cycle. Fortunately for them, they have a shot at five-star prospect Konrad Reuland who will be visiting Nebraska later this month. Find out what he had to say about his upcoming visit.

Konrad Reuland's commit would do a lot for Nebraska.  It would secure another high profile attack for Head Coach Bill Callahan's offense.  It would provide the Cornhuskers with a player that could conceivably start for four years.  It could very well possibly jumpstart a committing spree ala Marlon Lucky last year.  Of course, all the Cornhuskers have to do for all that is get Konrad to pull the trigger in the first place.  Easier said than done.

Reuland will be leaving later this month for a whirlwind unofficial tour where he will visit the Cornhuskers followed by Ohio State, Miami and Notre Dame.  He will be enjoying Lincoln on the 30th of this month.  Konrad stated that while he's not looking forward to seeing one thing in particular, he just wants to take in Lincoln for all she is.  "I'm excited to see the school and its surroundings, the facilities that they have there and I'm excited to meet all the coaches," he said.

One coach in particular has captured Reuland's interest.  "Coach Callahan. He's coached in the NFL, he's got the West Coast Offense, he just seems like a good guy to play for and I want to meet him in person and see what he's all about.  I met him briefly but I haven't been able to really speak with him," said Reuland.

While Konrad isn't quite sure what he wants to major in once he hits college, he is very interested in all aspects that Nebraska offers when it comes to academia.  "I'm definitely interested in the academics.  I'm not sure exactly what I want to major in just interested in seeing what they have that appeals to me," he said.

Reuland mentions that depending on how each visit goes, the unofficials now could turn into one of his five official visits later on.  "Yeah it's definitely a possibility.  All of these schools, there's a possibility I'll take my officials there later," he said.

Naturally, the big question comes next.  If Reuland finds himself in a comfortable situation, could he and would he make the commitment?  "I'm not planning on committing on any of these trips but if there is a certain school where I go there and I feel that nothing's going to change my mind, I could possibly commit but I really don't see that happening," Konrad said.

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