Greyshirt for Hickman?

With the qualification status of some other Huskers still up in the air, the status of those already at the school should be concrete. But, for Jacob Hickman, that's not necessarily the case. What happens with the other Huskers yet to report will no doubt have a pronounced effect on him as he goes into his first year with the big red.

Jacob Hickman is on campus and working out along with the rest of the team and hopes to be playing amongst them when the season officially begins. But, according to his dad (Bill), if that happens, it won't be what was originally intended, but they would take it nonetheless. "The intent is that he will greyshirt the first year," he said. "Now, we don't know who is going to qualify and who won't, so there's still a chance he might not, but right now we're looking at a greyshirt for him his first year."

Hickman's status was much like that of various other Huskers that came into this class knowing of the fact that Nebraska actually signed more the players than they could take. 31 to be exact, Nebraska only able to take 28 of those as scholarship players this year.

With the recent losses of Wallace Franklin and Brodrick Hunter as academic casulties, that meant in-state product Jeff Souder along with David Harvey, who came to Nebraska by way of Maryland, were basically assured that this year they wouldn't have to sit out.

Hickman's status as an official greyshirt now hinges on the qualification status of a few remaining players, Jordan and Rodney Picou along with Bryan Wilson all still waiting for their official and final grades to see if they can make the trip to Lincoln.

The status of Jordan Picou is unknown as of now, while Rodney's mother said that his grades weren't in as of yet and Bryan Wilson is awaiting his final grade on the final exam of the summer class he took to attain his academic qualification.

We'll bring you their official status as soon as possible, so you can figure out exactly who's "N" and out for the 2005 season.

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