Jordan Picou: Ready to go?

The name Picou is very familiar to Husker fans. First it was Rodney Picou that committed to Nebraska right before the start of the year that really got the recruiting class going. Then the name of another Picou that, pretty much out of nowhere, surfaced and was also set to become a Husker. A tough summer load has kept Jordan Picou in California up to now, but is he set to be a Husker?

That is the question that many Husker fans have about Jordan Picou. The 6-foot-3 and 310 pound lineman from Mt. SAC had become a huge part of this recruiting class, but a monstrous summer class load stood in the way.

Jordan Picou has yet to step foot on Nebraska without having an academic responsibility to finish up before enrolling. Is that finally over and can we expect to see Jordan Picou in Nebraska?

"Nebraska is looking for me. Once I finish my classes I will be there," Picou said. "I will be completely done at the end of this month."

Jordan had some insight into a July 21 completion date for his cousin, Rodney Picou, to be finished up with his classes so he can report to Nebraska this fall as well. "Yep, he's done. He's cool. He'll be up there too."

It seems that the academic load has taken it's toll on Jordan because when he was asked about being excited to get to Nebraska it was, "Oh yeah. I will be up there the weekend after my last class gets over. I am looking forward to being up there."

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