Mike Morgan up to 40+ offers

Mike Morgan is an opposing offense's worst nightmare. He is a 6-foot-4 and 200 pound linebacker that runs like a safety. Scratch that, he can run like a cornerback. Off of the edge there are few that can get out to block him. It's easy to understand then why so many of the nation's division I schools are after the standout from Dallas (Texas) Skyline.

Some players can take their natural abilities, not have to try to improve, and just come out and dominate. Mike Morgan is one of those players, but he isn't standing still on his talent right now. He is trying to still become a better player physically than what he already is right now.

The 6-foot-4 and 200 pound linebacker has been busy trying to improve his feet and his agility. The same guy that as a linebacker was running on three regional qualifying track events that included the 4x100.

"The summer is going great," Morgan said. "We didn't do seven on seven. We have just been conditioning, working out and working hard."

"I have been working on my feet getting my agility a little bit better. I actually ran a 4.4. I ran one at the school before spring ball had started."

A 4.4 timed 40-yard dash has some of the nation's best programs sending their offers to Dallas for his services. Over 40 offers have found their way to Morgan. "I am up to about 40 offers. I haven't really narrowed anything down. I want to wait and see who else is going to come up and offer."

Morgan hasn't started to narrow things down, but admittedly he has started to think about where to take his official visits. Nothing has been decided yet and there isn't anything to announce about which schools he has thought about for his officials. "I thought about a few, but there isn't anything written in stone or anything."

The early word has been that Mike Morgan may be tempted to not leave the state. Morgan isn't sure how that rumor started, but he would like to end it. "I wouldn't say that. I don't know who is saying that. I have never said that I wouldn't. I am open to everybody. I'd go to Alaska if I have to."

Morgan has found the time to take in some camps. He has only physically worked out at one and really took in camps at two other schools as unofficial visits to see the campus and talk to the coaches.

"I went to three camps. I worked out at the Oklahoma camp for one day. I went to the Texas and Texas A&M camps, but they were more like unofficial visits. I didn't work out there. I just saw the campus and spoke to the coaches."

Morgan is in the middle of the Big 12 and nearly all of the schools have offered him except for one. Nebraska is one of the schools to have offered, but they are at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to Morgan's overall knowledge in general about the school. He does know about their top recruiting class last year.

"Just about everyone in the Big 12 has offered. I don't know if Missouri has offered or not. I don't know too much about Nebraska. I know that they had a really good recruiting class last year. I think that they were around the top five or so. I'll look into Nebraska because you have to be around other good players and recruits."

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