Huskers set to host another

The Huskers look for a little revenge for a loss that was suffered last year in Norman, Okla. the last weekend in October. Beyond the field of battle for the two football teams will be an incredible lineup of talent that Nebraska will be hosting for official visitors. That list just got a bit longer.

How important is October 29? To Husker football fans it is the last time that the Huskers and Sooners will square off on the regular season schedule for another two years. For recruitniks it is a huge weekend for Husker official visitors.

Terrell Turner from Garland (Texas) Lakeview Centennial is the latest to add his name to the list of official visitors for that weekend. A list that already includes Quinton Hancock, Toryan Smith, Ronnie Paulo, A.J. Wallace and Butch Lewis.

"I am going to Nebraska on October 29," Turner said. "I am going to the Oklahoma game."

Turner has received the inside scoop on what to expect when he visits Nebraska from a former player and a current coach at his high school. "I was told that they are very supportive of the football team there. Coach (Byron) Bennett has been telling me that a lot about their fans at Nebraska."

Beyond getting the inside dish from his high school coach, Turner has been staying up with this recruiting coach from Nebraska. Coach Ted Gilmore, the newest member of the Nebraska staff, and Turner have been staying in close contact all summer.

"I have been text messaging with Coach Gilmore throughout the summer. We have been keeping up. He seems really cool. He is excited about me coming to visit Nebraska."

Turner has been staying busy with baseball this summer. "I am just playing baseball in Florida. We just got knocked out today. I played pretty well personally. I don't know what I hit for the tournament or anything like that. I have been spending most of my time playing baseball this summer."

The summer however is rapidly coming to a close for those that play football. Practice is starting up this coming week for Turner and his teammates. "We go back to practicing football this Monday. We have been conditioning though all summer. We have had a team workout program for the summer. I have been really trying to improve my quickness and overall speed."

Besides playing baseball and doing his conditioning this summer, Turner has spent time with his team playing in the state seven on seven league. The season did not go as well as Turner wanted with his team not making it to the final tournament and he would have liked a few more chances with the ball.

"We didn't make it to the state tournament. I would have liked to get the ball a little bit more this summer during seven on seven, but it was O.K. I guess."

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