Holmes A Highly Coveted Prospect By NU

With Nebraska looking to continue to pad the depth and talent on the defensive line, it would naturally make sense that they turn to one of the finest JUCO prospects in the country, that being Louis Holmes. We were able to catch up with Louis to find out about his thoughts on Nebraska and just where he ranks on their board.

When you're a 6' 6" 270 pound defensive line prospect and you run a 4.6, you fall into a certain category which presents three options.  One, the best schools in the country will recruit you.  Two, some schools realize they have absolutely no shot at you so they don't try.  Three, some schools throw an offer out there and pray.  Such is the recruitment of one Louis Holmes.

Louis reports more than 20 current offers spanning the Pac-10, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Tennessee, LSU and Utah amongst others.  Holmes actually recently took a trip out to visit Baton Rouge and Louisiana State University.  "It was pretty mellow," he said.  In terms of official visits, Holmes is looking to prepare those quickly.  "I haven't lined up any but I'm planning to do it pretty soon," he said.  Are any schools locks for a visit?  "I'd say USC, Oklahoma and LSU."

Holmes reports no favorite but currently has a bit of an affinity for Arizona.  Looking at how Nebraska has been keeping up with Louis, he reports that he's pretty high up on their wish list.  "It's been off and on. They called me and offered me and told me I'd be the #1 DL they go after, but lately, they haven't been contacting me very much.  I know they wanted me to schedule an official, for sure, though," he said.

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