Freeman returns from Elite QB Camp

Josh Freeman has been the top quarterback prospect for this year's class for a long time. The Husker commit basically took in all the games in Lincoln last year and ended his recruiting process early with a commitment to Nebraska in June. Freeman just returned from the Elite QB camp and took the time to tell Big Red Report all about it.

It's a series of goals that are falling like dominoes right now for Josh Freeman. The 6-foot-6 and 215 pound quarterback from Grandview (Mo.) has already committed to his long time leader, Nebraska, and has now taken part in the Elite QB Camp.

"Oh, it went really good actually," Freeman said. "It was structured more so as a learning experience instead of a competition. I mean the guys were still competing and everyone was trying to out due one another, but there was a lot of learning going on."

One of the things that Freeman instantly noted about the camp was who he had a chance to work with. "Geez, Brad Smith was there. There were a bunch of other division one quarterbacks there as well. It was a big list. Brad Smith was fun to work with. He is such a nice guy. I don't know how he does it. He's a great guy to be around."

Brad Smith and Freeman really aren't an odd couple for quarterbacks. The two compare reasonably well with the edge in arm strength probably going to Freeman and the footwork, well, just ask Josh about that. "Yeah, I think that I might have him in arm-strength a little bit, but I wish I had his footwork."

The camp wasn't about who can outshine who, but there was that undertone. The camp was instructional and educational. Josh had some things that he picked up when it came to recognizing the defense.

"I'd say learning how to read coverages. Like what to look for in a coverage in pre-snap. A defense pretty much gives it away every time. And if they don't, then you still have your receivers and they can recognize it. Like Mission Viejo (Calif.) does it. They'll know to break the routes and find the holes."

Speaking of Mission Viejo, Josh was able to meet up with Konrad Reuland. Konrad will be in Lincoln tomorrow for an unofficial visit. "Konrad Reuland was there for the Elite QB camp. I talked to him a little bit. I asked him what schools he was looking at and told him to come to Nebraska."

So what did Josh take away from this experience?

"I learned a lot. I learned about playing the quarterback position mentally, a lot. I just had a great time having a chance to be with all of those great athletes and players. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot from them."

For Josh the experience and education was great, but in the end it was the honor of being called one of the nation's best. "You got a lot of free stuff! No seriously, it was a big honor for me to be considered one of the top quarterbacks in the country. It was a goal for me, it has been a goal for quite a while actually."

With the Elite QB camp goal down, what is next for Freeman? "My next goals are on the season, the Kansas-Missouri All-Star game and the U.S. Army All-American game. Those are my next goals. They actually sent me a letter last year for the Kansas-Missouri game last year. They thought I was a senior last year."

The season is right around the corner and Freeman is already eyeing many of Nebraska's home games. He is planning on being at the first five home games as of right now. He isn't sure when the official visit will take place though. That really depends on a buddy's official visit date.

"I think that I will be in Lincoln for the first five games in Lincoln. If all goes right I will be there all five. My season starts September 2. I don't know when I will take my official to Nebraska. It depends when Menelik Holt will be taking his."

"Menelik Holt and I have been talking a lot. He was supposed to come out and run routes with us with the receivers, but he never got a ride or something like that. I just had a chance to talk to the tight end at the combine about coming to Nebraska."

Freeman is ready to get going on his senior year and get a chance to take in some Husker football games.

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