Hensel receives second offer

Nebraska went out last year and secured junior college players that could come in and take part in spring practice. There were key need positions like linebacker and quarterback. This year there is another position that Nebraska seems to be looking at to nab a player that can enroll in January.

Nebraska is going after one of the top junior college offensive tackles in the nation, Dustin Hensel. Hensel can be summed up by saying "big". He's a 6-foot-7 and 310 pound mountain of an offensive tackle that will be eligible to mid-year transfer.

"We report back on August 11. We still have some time off," Hensel said. "I have been just trying to clean up everything. I wasn't as sound as I would have liked last year. I'm just working on staying low and everything."

When it comes to playing offensive tackle, coaches like to look for the tall bodies and long arms. However, height can also be a disadvantage out there at tackle and Hensel has worked all summer long on keeping a low pad level.

"I think that the most important thing for an offensive tackle that staying low is key. Keeping a low pad level is key to having leverage."

The Huskers were the first to offer Hensel from Golden West College in Huntington Beach, Calif. "Nebraska was the first school to offer me. Since then I have received an offer from Utah. I got that about three weeks ago or so. They were recruiting me pretty seriously. I haven't had a chance to get in any trips this summer."

The last offer has caught Hensel's attention as well as Utah's great record and play as of late. "It's a really good program, especially what they have done the past two to three years really. It's amazing. They have become a great caliber team."

Distance matters for some, but not for Hensel. He has already come to the conclusion that he was going to have to go somewhere for school and distance will not be a factor. o, not really. I don't think that distance is anything at all. Wherever you go you are going to have to go away from home. I really don't care about distance."

Hensel is only holding onto two offers right now, but that will change. There is one team that he has been in contact with that spoke to Hensel about offering. "The only one that I have spoke to on the phone about an offer is Colorado."

Nebraska has coach Bill Busch recruiting Hensel. Coach Busch has a connection to the coach at Hensel's school. "Coach Bill Busch is recruiting me from Nebraska. I haven't spoke to him in about a week or so. He seems like a pretty cool guy. He knows my head coach because they both used to coach at Utah."

Hensel downplays any notion that his head coach at Golden West College once being at Utah will have anything to do with his decision. In fact, his coach has already spoke to Hensel about that. "Not really. He already talked to me about that. He told me to not let any part of his past have anything to do with my decision. He said I need to do my own thing."

As of right now Hensel doesn't have any official visits set. The only school that has brought up official visits is Nebraska. "The only school to talk to me about an official is Nebraska. They want to bring me out on my bye week which is October 8. That is the Texas Tech game."

Hensel is somewhat familiar with Nebraska on game days. There are a few games covered every year in California that he was able to tune in and watch.

"They usually show the Colorado and Oklahoma game out here. I have heard that football is pretty much the only thing that matters during football season up there. That's all they pay attention to."

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