Will Cobb Be Visiting Lincoln?

When you look at Nebraska's current crop of runningbacks, it becomes apparent that the Cornhuskers have an eye for talent at the position. Enter Antwan Cobb as a potential candidate to be added to that list. We were able to catch up with Antwan as he updated us on probable official visits and the relationship between him and Nebraska.

When reading over the depth chart for Nebraska's I-back position this year, you'll have to pardon a Cornhusker fan if he or she gets a tad giddy.  Names like Cory Ross, Marlon Lucky, Brandon Jackson, Leon Jackson, there's a staggering amount of talent and quality there.  So the question comes up: Who's next?  It could very well be Pflugerville, Texas' own Antwan Cobb

Cobb is currently reporting close to 10 offers from schools such as Nebraska, Texas A&M, Missouri and Oklahoma State.  He reports that as his senior season presses on, he's looking at a fresh start and can't wait for the opportunity.  "Well, I started playing when I was a sophomore and I always end up switching positions.  This year I'm going to be at runningback, of course.  I'm looking to open up more and be able to run a lot more, going to get a lot more carries," he said.  Cobb said he looks forward to being a feature back for his squad.

When it comes to officials, four teams have earned a nod in Antwan's eyes.  He will be visiting Nebraska during the season's opening weekend against Maine along with Kansas State, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State at some point yet to be determined.  Cobb reports that he is not quite ready to name a favorite but sensed that the time would come before too long.

Antwan continues to speak highly of the Cornhuskers and how they've communicated with him.  "I'm getting quite a bit of attention.  They were my first offer and they've kept getting on me.  Coach (Jay) Norvell shows me that he wants me and so does Coach (Randy) Jordan.  They all sound like really good experienced coaches and they have a lot to offer," he said.

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