DeAndre McDaniel Narrows His List

With Nebraska looking for immediately secondary help at all positions, nothing would hit the spot like four star safety prospect DeAndre McDaniel. We were able to catch up with DeAndre to find out his current favorites, his official plans and how he perceives Nebraska currently. Are the Cornhuskers still holding his interest?

When you look at Nebraska's offer sheet, one thing becomes painfully clear: They're serious about secondary help and immediate relief is the way to go.  Such aid could come in the form of four star safety recruit DeAndre McDaniel.  Though McDaniel also has the ability to substitute at the wide receiver spot, Nebraska's immediately needs would place him in the secondary where his size and speed would be a valuable asset.

McDaniel reports no new offers and reports his current tally is around 30 with the likes of Nebraska, Florida State and Georgia checking in with written offers.  He recently returned from an unofficial trip to Florida State, a school which he visits quite a bit due to convenience and location. 

Looking at this upcoming season, McDaniel is actually having more responsibilities heaped onto his plate as he takes over his team's kick returning duties.  "Kick return is really all I'm picturing working on right now.  I'm going for the record (to surpass eight total punt and kick returns for touchdowns)," he said. 

Currently, DeAndre has no official visits lined up but if he had to choose a couple today, he would visit Clemson and USC.  He states that his current favorites are Clemson, Maryland, South Carolina, FSU and Tennessee.  He did mention, however, that there is a school just on the cusp of that list.  "Nebraska's pretty close and they're in it right now.  They'd be number six if I went to a top seven," he said.  When asked about if he would consider Lincoln as a possible official visit destination, he said, "Yes, I'm still trying to decide about that and Nebraska is still in the running for one."

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