Huskers offer defensive end from California

A lot of times a player will have a father or another relative that played college football. Often times that school finds it way into a player's favorites by default. This situation is a little different though. For this defensive end his brother is at BYU. Not just that he is at BYU, but just getting to BYU. Is he a lock for BYU then?

That time of year is here and practice is back for high school football players. Big Red Report caught up with Matangi Tonga literally 30 minutes after his first day of practice. Fortunately for Tonga, the weather has been cool.

"We just finished up with practice," Tonga said. "We just started today. It's been pretty cool outside. The weather is just cooler here."

The summer went quick, but Tonga got a chance to work on some goals that he made for himself. "I worked on my technique and my pass rush. It was really staying low and my handwork."

Tonga was able to work on his goals in a lot of area camps and clinics. He did get a chance to take in one of the larger camps on the West coast though. "I went to a lot of local camps, nothing big. The only big one I went to was to USC. I just stayed local. It helped me out."

Tonga had a solid junior year finishing with 50+ tackles, 25 tackles for loss and 11 sacks. Tonga stars as a defensive tackle now, but is being recruited to play end in college. "I am up to five offers. They are from UCLA, BYU, Idaho, Nebraska and Arizona State."

Out of the five offers there is really only one school that Tonga would consider setting an official to as of right now. "I am still waiting on setting up my officials. Out of the people that have offered I would like to visit BYU."

Tonga has some ties there. It's a family thing. "My brother is there, I just wanted to check it out to see how it is. He is going to be a freshman. He is a running back or safety. He just left today."

Besides the compelling reason to play football again with his big brother, Manase Tonga, he also likes the head coach and would just like to see the area and the school. "I met the coach there too and he seems like a really nice guy. I just want to check it out."

Tonga isn't really looking to stay in the area necessarily when it comes to picking out a school. He really is focused on the idea of playing collegiate football, academics and being comfortable with his surroundings. "It doesn't really matter. I just want to play football somewhere. The academic situation and I really am looking to feel comfortable in that environment."

One school that has offered Tonga is Nebraska. The Huskers have a tradition going for them when it comes to producing good players and their program overall. "They have a strong football program and produce some good players. I am interested in taking an official visit there possibly."

Tonga also plays a little fullback for his team at San Mateo (CA) Aragon high school. He is a big man to be moving that fast running with the football. He will be feared again this year on both sides of the football by his opponents because he is getting bigger and faster. "I am 6-foot-2 and up to 250 pounds. My 40 time is a 40-yard dash time is 4.8."

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