Jackson cleared, let the competition begin

Before the fall even arrived, people were speculating about the nation's best group of running backs for the class of 2005. Marlon Lucky, Cody Glenn and Leon Jackson, all considered to be potential stars at NU. Fall camps only started two days ago, but conversation was already gearing up. Not on who was going to beat who, rather who had yet to arrive. Fortunately for fans and I am sure to the relief of the coaches, the final piece of the backfield puzzle was cleared and practiced today.

It might have taken a bit longer than anyone wanted, but it happened just the same; Leon Jackson finally arrived in Lincoln.

Hitting the field for the first day, Jackson couldn't go into the practice with the half pads the rest of the team was wearing. Due to the NCAA rule regarding a two day acclimation period, where a player is to progressively reach a fully padded practice, Jackson had to start off today with the usual first day helmet only set up.

When Monday arrives, though, Jackson will be able to suit up along with everyone else, Monday being the first day of full pads for the team.

Jackson's arrival is no doubt a relief to any and all, Leon just one of three running backs that made up the best running back class for the class of 2005.

During Jackson's' career at Pasco high school in Washington, he averaged a whopping 10+ yards per carry.

While there has been frequent speculation about Jackson possibly moving to safety, it's been made clear by the coaches from the outset that he would be given every opportunity to get time behind the QB this year.

That could make for a heck of a log jam of talent, but as head coach Bill Callahan stated, that's not a bad problem to have. "I think all of our backs look good," he said. "They all bring something different to the table."

One other back that has probably been getting the least amount of press in comparison to the other two is Texas' Cody Glenn.

A big type back, standing 6 foot tall and weighing 230 pounds, his lack of publicity has made him somewhat of an underdog at the position going into the fall.

Callahan cautioned that sort of belief, because from what he had seen, Glenn wasn't one to take lightly. "Don't count him out," Callahan said. "Cody is one of those backs that is a big physical guy and he's just getting accustomed to running through the line with his pads and he's starting to carry them a little lower."

"He's fun to watch. He's a big back, a big man and he brings a lot of power."

The name that nobody is saying, probably because it's been said so much already is that of Marlon Lucky and those three will be one of the most prolific trios in the country facing off at the same position.

As seniors in high school, Glenn, Lucky and Jackson combined for 5,581 yards and 83 touchdowns.

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