California Athlete Excited About Big Red Attention

Nebraska Cornhusker coaches seem to have a knack for finding some rather amazing athletes as it proved this past year, but the notch on the stove that is recruiting has gotten kicked up and the Big Red appears to be dipping into the Golden State for yet another prime specimen. Find out more about this tantalizing prospect and what he could bring to the table immediately.

If you look at the measurables that Major Culbert brings to the table, there's no reason why A.) He shouldn't be able to play Division 1-A college football barring injury and B.) Do a very good job at it.  Culbert stands 6' 1" and weighs in at 193 pounds while reporting a 4.52 40 yard dash.  He bench presses 285 pounds while squatting 485 along with reporting a 265 power clean and a 3.0 GPA in the classroom.

Culbert's junior season found him with little time for rest as he totaled 1,121 yards on the ground scoring 12 times from the runningback position for Narbonne while also notching 89 tackles (59 of those being solo), a pair of interceptions, three fumble recoveries and six sacks from his vantage point at safety.

He was named First Team All-Area on both sides of the ball as a runningback and safety, respectively.  He currently holds 10 offers from the likes of 10 – UCLA, UNLV, Nebraska, Washington, San Diego State, San Jose State, Rutgers and California while holding heavy interest from USC, Oregon and Oregon State.  His current favorites include USC, Cal, UCLA, Washington and the Cornhuskers. 

He camped at Stanford this past summer and cites his strengths as his competitiveness but notes that he thrives on defense where his emotions and intensity help to fuel the fire of his teammates. 

When talking to Major about his relationship with Nebraska, there was a noticeable perk in his voice.  "Nebraska's really cool," he said,  "I'm taking the trip early (Culbert will be in town for the Maine game on September 3rd).  I really love Coach (Bill) Busch.  He's so nice, he's cool.  I love Nebraska as a football place and academic institution, too," he said.

Culbert has taken no recent unofficial visits and currently the trip to Nebraska is the only one he has planned.  He stated that the other four schools in his Top 5 stand the best chance for the other four officials.  The thing about the other four is that they might not happen.  When it comes to Culbert's plan on committing, he says that when he's ready, he'll be ready and that pulling the trigger when it feels right is not something he has qualms with.

In looking at some of the big factors in Culbert's recruitment, there are three major ideas that play vital roles in his eventual school.  "It's about playing time and academics along with me being there and wanting to be there.  I want to feel comfortable," he said.  Breaking down his academic and playing time requests, he said, "If I don't start then I want to have a chance fight for the position and show what I have.  I want to major in business, plus I'll be paying close attention to academic support staff."

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