Can NU Entice Kentucky OL To Visit?

Nebraska was able to convince some pretty beefy offensive linemen to join the latest crop of Cornhusker offensive linemen and if the coaching staff has any say, they'll be able to do it again. One prospect they wouldn't mind joining the current recruiting class is Kentucky's Jeff Adams. We were able to catch up to Adams to find out what he thinks about Nebraska and if they can garner a visit.

Looking at Jeff Adams, it's quite easy to see why the Nebraska coaches extended him a scholarship offer.  Incredibly tall?  Check.  Nice size overall?  Check.  Potential to be a massive force on the offensive line?  Well, you've probably got to throw down two checks just to give the man his due. 

Adams currently holds four offers including the one from Nebraska with Oklahoma, Tennessee and Kentucky rounding out the quartet.  He has taken no recent unofficial trips but moments before speaking with him, he had set up his first official visit. 

He will be visiting the Nebraska Cornhuskers as they take on the Wake Forest Demon Deacons on September 11th.  In addition to Nebraska, Adams said he would like to eventually get to Auburn and either Florida State or Miami.

In terms of what Jeff is looking to accomplish this season, he said that he wants to improve his speed off of the line along with being able to increase his stamina throughout a game. 

When it comes to Adams' relationship with Nebraska, things appear to be pretty bright.  "(Coach Randy Jordan) on the phone, I talk to him a lot. We've got a lot of things in common, we talking about trucks and stuff," he said. 

Adams said that he enjoys Coach Jordan so much simply because they can converse about whatever is on his mind, not just football.  Jeff is also a big fan of what Nebraska does as a football team.  "I like the offense and defense, both sides of the team. I like the style they're putting on the field," he said.

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