Hill Made His Move In July

Matt Hill, a center out of Nebraska, is one of the names you are going to hear a lot about post-July. The 6-foot-10 big man has his share of suitors after a big time performance at The Big Time.

From July 22 until his team was eliminated from the Big Time in Las Vegas, Matt Hill was drawing rave reviews. The 6-foot-10 center out of Lincoln (Neb.) Southeast had opened some eyes with his play for the Nebraska Bison Red.

At this point in the basketball calendar, for new schools to see a kid with size, skill package and ability in July, it was nothing short of striking a little gold in river bed that appeared to have run dry.

For Nebraska, Creighton, Purdue and a handful of others who were on him prior to the month, watching numerous schools watch him from the stands had to be a little agonizing and frustrating. During the second half of the month, the entire college basketball community found out that Hill could play.

"I had Nebraska and Purdue on me [before July] but those were probably my two biggest schools going in," Hill said. "Purdue had seen me the summer before. Creighton knew about me too. Utah came in and they didn't offer a scholarship then; they have now. I only had two or three offers going into the summer."

Consider Gonzaga, Texas, Nevada, West Virginia and Virginia among the many that are interested post-July. Hill says he's in the initial stages of talking about visits.

"They want me to start planning some visits," Hill said. "I'll probably go on as many as possible. I know I'll probably go to Nebraska in the middle of September and I'll probably go to Gonzaga and Utah before that." Hill also thought Texas and Purdue could be in good shape to receive trips as well, but had not made any final decisions on visits when we spoke with him late last week.

At some point, you know the hometown Huskers are going to factor into the equation in a big way. After all, Nebraska's campus is just a 20-minute drive from his doorstep. "Yeah, there's a little bit [of pressure] from Nebraska and my friends and people I know in Lincoln," Hill said. "Sure, there will be pressure but I'm not going to make my decision just because of that."

Hill averaged 20 points and 10.5 rebounds as a junior. He said that finding out about all the schools interested in him is what he's doing right now. Athletics run in his family as his dad played football for the Huskers.

Lincoln isn't exactly a hotbed for high school hoops so Hill knew the time to challenge himself was in July.

"I don't really play against anybody my size or really good, like Top 100 good, until July. Me and Coach Smith do a lot of individual work. I try to play with the college guys at Creighton and Nebraska to get me ready."

Mission accomplished.

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