Players making strides amidst the heat of the fall

It was a day later than originally scheduled, but the Huskers hit the full pads for Tuesday's fall practice. It was a day much like any other, only with a little scrimmaging thrown in. This is the time where players should start to show themselves if they are indeed to stand out and some might be doing just that.

Marlon Lucky getting a lot of reps

Marlon Lucky's name has been on the tips of tongues since even before he committed to the Huskers. As the name became more familiar, his national ranking only rose.


Now, finally on campus, the weight of the world seems on his shoulders, because the expectations match his much vaunted national status out of high school.


For Cody Glenn, another very capable running back in this class, that's almost cemented at least some sort of anonymity. However, Glenn has already made post-practice interviews with other players as they talk about how he's done. And coaches gush about his physicality and the kind of potential he has.


In short, Glenn has taken anonymity and turned it into irony, because what he's done has been anything but unnoticeable. "Cody is a big, physical back and he's starting to learn how to really work hard,"Quarterback coach Jay Norvell said of Glenn. "Cody has really come on in camp and he's really working hard, that's the first thing."

"He's got a lot to learn, but he's finishing and he's running hard and that's what we like to see in a big kid like that."


While Norvell was eager enough to dispense the credit for his individual wherewithal, he passed credit along for Glenn's progression and that of the other new backs, Lucky and Leon Jackson, to the

Glenn already making a name for

Nebraska 's returning starter at the position and nowadays, the mentor of this talented trio.


" Cory Ross has been a great example in camp for our young backs," Norvell said. "He's leaving a legacy with those guys on how to practice and how to work."


Glenn's work ethic along with that of his teammates comes amidst over 100 degree days if you count the heat index. To talk to Glenn about the heat that to most seems almost scorching, he grins a little, then reminds you were he's from. "The heat is nothing, I'm from Texas ," Glenn said laughingly. "I'm used to 112, so the heat doesn't really bother me."


Nothing much does for Glenn, other than the same problem every player has, including those coming back from last year. The now infamous playbook intimidates one and all.


Someone who's had to not just deal with it, but master it is the guy that like Lucky, has had the weight of the world on his shoulders, but that was basically his own fault.


That's what going 20-27 for 357 yards, throwing three touchdowns with no interceptions will get you.


Expectations are high


From what his position coach stated, though, Zac Taylor has been doing what he's needed to do to maintain his spot. "He's been good," Norvell said of Taylor . "He's been up around 60 percent (In 7 on 7) and he just needs to keep zeroing in and incorporating these new players in our system."


Norvell went onto say that Taylor is working with the first unit and taking many of the reps portioned out each day to all of the quarterbacks on the 105-man roster.


Taylor still playing like number one

Taylor 's progression, as Norvell indicated has had almost as much to do with the progression of many new faces at wideout. Amongst those has been junior college transfer Frantz Hardy as well as his continuing progression in familiarity with those coming back from the spring.


Taylor did lose potentially one of their biggest weapons yesterday, wide receiver Chris Brooks undergoing a knee scope for a problem that Norvell had stated was "hopefully" minor, but wasn't specific as to exactly what the problem was.


His loss along adds to a growing list of no-shows at the wideout position, junior college transfer Tyrell Spain still not on campus, not having been cleared as of yet by the NCAA Clearinghouse, and both Brodrick Hunter and Wallace Franklin are junior college bound, failing to meet academic requirements to play.


While obviously disappointing in not having them present to contribute and learn along with the rest, Norvell stated that it's business as usual for them. "We'd like to have those other guys out here and when they are available, they will be, but we just have to keep on working that group and they are working their tails off and making a lot of progress right now."


Nebraska will get a day off today and resume practice on Thursday afternoon, where it will be a mini-countdown of sorts to two-a-days, which will start on Saturday and go every other day for a total of four days.



-                      Tight End Matt Herian's progress is said to be moving along steadily, but coach Norvell couldn't give anything specific as to a timeline for his return. "He's continuing to heal up and he's continuing to work," he said. "We're just hopeful that he'll continue his progress. He's as big and strong as he's ever been. His work has been phenomenal."


-                      The team scrimmaged for approximately 25 snaps towards the end of practice, working 2nd and 3rd down situations along with scrimmaging in the red zone.


-                      Cornerback Bryan Wilson was amongst the team again and in full pads, having missed yesterday's session.


-                      Newcomers that will be available for interview on Thursday will be quarterback Harrison Beck along with linebacker Phillip Dillard


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