McNeil taking it seriously

The time has come again for Kirkwood (Mo.) to strap it up again and get ready for the upcoming football season. Not only has the time come, but Michael McNeil has been ready. Like a person in a new car, McNeil wants to take the body for an ol' spin. He has added 20+ pounds and a lot strength to his frame to get ready for the fall.

People aren't supposed to enjoy practice, but Michael McNeil does. He has been waiting to get back on the field and especially to start the contact again. They are in the middle of a three day acclimation period, but that hasn't stopped the hitting.

"Our two a days just started," McNeil said. "It's awesome. It's good to get on the field and to get hitting again."

This summer's biggest goal for McNeil was to add some weight and strength to his very tall frame. At 6-foot-4 he played last season at around 210 pounds. He had an impressive bench press at 310 pounds, but he wanted to improve the strength and add some weight. He did just that.

"The major thing that I was trying to do was put on weight and get stronger. I think that I did pretty good job. I added 24 pounds and a lot of strength. The 24 pounds that I added was actually in just about two months. Like more in April and May then in the summer."

"I saw big improvements in my strength just everywhere. It was just ridiculous. I got a personal trainer and I would work out from about an hour and a half to two hours every day after school. He changed my diet so I was eating seven to eight meals a day. With that and the lifting all together the weight just added itself on."

Besides staying busy in the weight room McNeil has taken part in some tournament basketball teams and also had a chance to see some college campuses. He has had a chance to visit a lot of the schools in the immediate region.

"I have been all over the place. Most of my visits were during the school year. I've been to Missouri, Kansas, Northwestern, Michigan, Louisville, Wisconsin and Nebraska."

Although McNeil has already been to Lincoln he is planning another visit there very soon. "I am going to Nebraska's opening game. I will be up there September 2."

Beyond Nebraska McNeil is tentatively set to visit Texas Tech. Now the Texas Tech visit is tentative based on he does not commit to anyone before the official visit to Texas Tech takes place.

"I am almost positive that I will be taking another official visit to Texas Tech on October with Jeremy Maclin. If I were to commit before, I probably wouldn't take that visit. For now Nebraska and Texas Tech are the two that I know of. I am also looking at Wisconsin, Kansas and Colorado for an official."

It is possible that McNeil could pull the trigger on his official to Nebraska. He has seen a lot of attention being shown to him by the Huskers and he hasn't forgotten that Nebraska was the first school to offer.

"When I am ready I am just going to pull the trigger. I think that there is a chance that I could commit on my visit (to Nebraska). I am not saying that will, but I am saying that if I do that I won't take any official visits to any other schools."

One school that is outside looking in for an official visit from McNeil is Missouri. Being the in-state school, Michael may have had some expectations about being recruited by them.

"They came in late, Nebraska offered first, then they (Missouri) offered me. Being the in-state school I thought that they should have been the first school to offer me and try and keep me in-state. They truly haven't recruited me very hard. They haven't done as much as I thought. I was kind of surprised. I have a sister that just graduated there and another that is going there."

When McNeil was on campus in Lincoln it was after the end of the spring semester. Not only were there no students on campus, but there wasn't even turf in Memorial Stadium. He is looking forward to not only seeing the new turf, but the fans that will be sitting in the stadium.

"I am wanting to see the atmosphere of the game at Nebraska. That is the big thing. Even when I saw the stadium it didn't have any grass and it was being re-built. Checking out the stadium, seeing the fans and checking out the town at game time. When I was there it was during the summer and there weren't a lot of people around."

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