The BRR All-Big XII Freshman Team

We've been tearing down positions, but now it's time to tear down the future as in sports, that's as important as the here and now. And the Big XII scored some marvelous recruiting classes, Texas reeling in their usual compliment of stars along with the Oklahoma Sooners. But, Nebraska came out of nowhere, grabbing some of the bigger names in the country as well. Staff writer Justin Stoller takes you through his wrap up of the best and brighest for the future in the Big XII

Big 12 All-Freshmen Team

QB-Harrison Beck Nebraska -Beck should see some time behind Zac Taylor and gets the nod because of the playing time and amazing physical abilities. A cannon for an arm and athletic enough to make teams respect him in the pocket, Beck should show brief moments of brilliance as a freshman.

RB-Marlon Lucky Nebraska -He has the leading returning rusher in the conference in front of him, but somehow someway Nebraska will find a way to get Lucky the ball. A rare blend of speed, agility, and soft hands will allow Lucky to baffle defensive coordinators even as a young teenager.

WR-Chris Brooks Nebraska -No honestly, I swear this team is being selected from all 12 teams of the conference. Honestly though, it's hard not to expect Brooks to contribute right away at Nebraska. He has the physical nature that no other Husker wide receiver can claim and Brooks has hands that make pillow manufacturers jealous.

WR-Malcom Kelly Oklahoma -This receiver comes into a surprisingly ideal situation at Oklahoma. There aren't a lot of proven receivers returning for the Sooners and Kelly was their prized recruit at the position. His height and acceleration will put him into the two deep depth chart and Kelly will produce from there.

TE-Martellus Bennett Texas A&M -At one point it appeared Bennett would enter the NBA Draft. That is how special of an athlete he truly is. Aggie fans were delighted to hear Bennett will spend a few years at College Station refining his skills in both football and basketball. Bennett reminds me a lot of Kellen Winslow only stronger at this point in their careers.

OL-Louis Vasquez Texas Tech -Vasquez is a pass blocking specialist and that alone would explain the commit to the Red Raiders where he can show off his amazing skills. Like most other linemen who are good, Vasquez has great feet and loves to get on the move in the run blocking game.

OL-Michael Shumard Texas A&M -He loves to finish off his blocks and appears mentally ahead of most linemen his age. Shumard does need to work on his footwork and keeping his hands inside. He should get that opportunity for the Aggies.

OL-Craig Roark Nebraska -Roark will play mostly center but will also get reps at the guard position his first season. He has great brute strength and his motor hardly ever quits. Roark will have to adjust some to playing against some of the better defensive lineman in the nation. Expect him to do just that and follow in the footsteps of other great Husker lineman.

OL-Chris Hall Texas -Hall will have a tough battle to see significant playing time this season for the Longhorns. He does possess a great first step and stays very low through the box. A few things Hall will have to work on include more drive blocking and not getting too excited.

OL-Charlie Tanner Texas -Tanner lacks great strength and needs to add some pounds to be great in this conference. He does excel at pulling and blocking in open space. I have a feeling with the new style of speed backs Texas will employ this season that Tanner could fit into their rotation at guard.

DT-Roy Miller Texas -Miller can do it all from the inside. He had good practices at the All-American game and should see some time for Texas. The Longhorns have an already great front four but Miller is simply too special to keep off the field.

DT-Demarcus Granger Oklahoma -Granger specializes in shooting the gap and dominating with his speed and quickness off the ball. He has good size and strength and should cause problems for other teams in the conference right away.

DE-McKinner Dixon Texas Tech Tech has a few holes to fill and Dixon will surely help. He played defensive tackle in high school so it's obvious that he can provide help against both the pass and the run.

DE-Paul Freeney Texas A&M Dwight Freeney is going to…… I mean Paul Freeney is going to dominate, even though you could compare him to Dwight. The Aggies will be happy to know that Freeney should be able to contribute immediately on passing situations.

LB-Phillip Dilliard Nebraska -I still expect Dilliard to start at some point this year and he will dominate from then on. He is a freak of nature with his 245lb build and 4.6 speed. He also excels in pass coverage. The only thing holding Dilliard back is learning the calls of the defense.

LB-Ryan Reynolds Oklahoma -A very physical outside linebacker that can explode through the gap on slow developing running plays. The Sooners got a great player that the chance to be one of the best in the nation by the time he is done.

LB-Reggie Walker Kansas State -This is my dark horse pick. Kansas State has a recent history of developing great linebackers and I think by the end of the year that Walker will be too special to keep off the field. He runs a 4.5 and has good size for any of the linebacker positions.

CB-Alton Dixon Texas A&M -Dixon played safety until his final season of high school football so it's not a secret that he will be fine helping out against the run game. That is a major problem of most freshmen corners. He has great speed for his size and should find the field some way or another for the Aggies.

CB-T.J. Bell Oklahoma State -The Cowboys might be thinner at cornerback heading into the season than anybody else in the conference. Bell is the brother of former Cowboy great Tatum. He boasts a blistering 4.38 40 and that pure speed might allow him to see the field for significant minutes this season.

S-Reggie Smith Oklahoma -Reggie is a very unique safety in that he could play so many other positions with ease. He has the change of direction ability that NFL scouts drool about. Reggie also has great hands and I expect those combinations to be too much to keep Reggie off the field for the loaded Sooners.

S-Keenan Clayton Oklahoma -Clayton projects at the strong safety position alongside Reggie Smith for years to come. He has great size and above average speed at the position. Clayton is a very intense and physical safety who loves to punish receivers coming over the middle. He should also have no problem coming up to stuff the run against the power teams in the conference.

K-Jordan Congdon Nebraska -It is hard to argue against Congdon being the best freshman kicker in the entire nation, let alone the Big XII conference. He shouldn't have much resistance to start as a freshman. He also finds himself coming into an offense that should move the ball more this year but also might still struggle inside the 30. I feel Congdon will have a lot of point opportunities and his amazing leg strength and accuracy will pay off in awards.

P-Justin Brantly Texas A&M -Punters at Texas A&M traditionally have a lot of success and Brantly shouldn't be any different. A very highly rated kicker and punter coming out of high school, he should help out on special teams sooner rather than later.

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