Has Cam Nelson changed his official to Nebraska?

The move was made last year for Nebraska to start to bring in more physically ready and bigger defensive backs. Cam Nelson fits the bill. The standout defensive back from Dallas (Texas) Kimball is holding onto a nearly double-digit offers and was sitting on one official visit. What has changed with Nelson's visit plans to Nebraska?

Football practice has returned and that can only mean that school is around the corner. The coming of one means the coming of the other. If it were up to Cam Nelson school would already bee in session because he wants to start the season.

"I am excited for school to be here so the season can start," Nelson said. "We started practice on Monday. We just run at five, no two a days. We had spring ball and if you have spring ball you can't get into pads the first week."

This summer Nelson made the goal to get bigger and work on his feet and hips. He came up just short of the weight gain goal, but had a tremendous experience getting to work with some defensive backs that know what they are talking about.

"I wanted to put on 10 pounds this summer. I put on about seven or eight. I am up to about 187. That was the biggest goal. I also wanted to work on my hips and footwork. I got a chance to work with a guy that played with the Dolphins and another that played for Iowa."

"It was a lot of help for me. They showed me a lot of things that were hard that they showed me how to simplify them. They helped."

The offer list grew by one for Nelson this past weekend. The offer came after original visit plans to that school that have now changed. "I got an offer from Nebraska this past Sunday. I was happy with the offer, really excited. Besides Nebraska I have offers from Kansas, Kansas State, Minnesota, Arizona, Baylor, Houston and Tulsa."

"I still only have the visit to Nebraska set up. I think that my visit date for Nebraska changed to September 16. I will probably go on a visit to see Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech is very close to offering me. They just needed some film. I think that I am close to getting offers from UCLA and Iowa State as well."

Nelson is hoping to see what he is being told be Coach Jay Norvell about gamesdays in Lincoln, Nebr. Beyond the game day experience though Coach Norvell let Nelson know that it's just important that he have a chance to sit down and talk with Coach Bill Callahan.

"I heard that they are real serious on gameday; the fans and the whole town. The coach was telling me about all of the fans in the stands, the sea of red and he just wanted me to see it and talk to Coach Callahan."

"Coach Jay Norvell is recruiting me. He's real nice. I think that if I had a chance to play for him that I would be really happy."

Nelson says that his work on his feet, hit and his weight have now helped his strengths in those areas only get stronger on the football field. He is a playmaker and that is what the team looks for him to do. "I would say my hips and my feet beyond my size are my biggest strengths. If we need a big play like a turnover I can do that. I can get the team going."

It's tough to imagine that every school is recruiting Nelson as a defensive back when he only played that position three games last year. His role on Kimball will be very similar again this year, but he will be full-time on both sides of the ball and on special teams.

"I only played defensive back the last three games of the season last year. I mostly played offense at quarterback and as a receiver. This year I will be playing all three again and they are working me in as a returner as well."

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