There have been a lot of questions surrounding three Husker recruits and their academic status. One waits in Lincoln to hear his fate while two were in California. One of the recruits from California though is one his way to Lincoln and will be there for practice tomorrow. Big Red Report had a chance to catch up with him between flights.

Jordan Picou is on his way to Lincoln, finally. A summer of trying to get an unbelievable academic load is over and he is "half-way" to Lincoln already.

"I am in Arizona already," Jordan Picou said. "I am half way there."

So was there a hold up with the NCAA Clearinghouse or was it just actually completing the classes?

"There were no hold ups in getting me academically qualified except me just needing to get my class finished up."

Picou has been on an emotional roller coaster. At first it seems like an insurmountable goal to get the class work done and he was always under the gun. But now that nervousness has shifted to being anxious to get out and show everyone that might have doubted his dedication and commitment.

"I was a little bit nervous at first, but now I am anxious to get out there and work out with the team and learn the offense. I want to show people the good side of Jordan Picou. I think that a lot of people don't think that I am dedicated to it, but I really am. I am ready to turn some heads."

Many are curious what type of athletic condition Jordan might be in considering the need to spend a lot of his time doing coursework. "I am pretty good. I will get out there and I know that I'm not going to be a Heisman Trophy winner but I do the best I can with what I have."

Now the question moves onto Rodney Picou, Jordan's cousin, can Nebraska expect to see Rodney in Lincoln anytime soon? "He'll be out there soon. He will be leaving next week most likely."

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