Five Star Wide Receiver Names His Favorites

Five star wide receiver prospect Vidal Hazelton knows plenty about being an all-around receiver. His strength, speed, height and ability is what has him very high on the list of several schools including the Nebraska Cornhuskers. We were able to speak with Vidal about what he's looking to improve this coming season, his current favorites and where Nebraska fits into everything right now.

When the prospect of adding a five-star 6'4" 200 pound receiver who can run a 4.5 40 yard dash to your team appears, you jump on that opportunity like a fumble.  That's what Nebraska's trying to do with Chatham, VA.'s Vidal Hazelton

In terms of what Hazelton is looking to improve on most in the upcoming season, it appears he will be focusing on simply becoming a better overall athlete.  "What I need to get better at is my awareness of getting open, quickness and my explosiveness," he said.

Back during the beginning of July, Hazelton hit the Florida Big Three of Florida, Florida State and Miami unofficially.  In terms of official visits, Vidal will be visiting Florida State for their game versus Miami (9/5) and plans to set up visits to Tennessee, Miami and Florida.  Those four schools make a quartet of Vidal's Top 6 with Virginia and Virginia Tech rounding it out.

In terms of how he views Nebraska currently, Hazelton said, "I gave my Top 6 but that doesn't mean my door's closed at all.  I know a lot about NU, but I didn't really get to do too much research on Nebraska.  That's something I plan on doing very soon," he said.

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