McMichael looking at two for officials

Jordan McMichael has had a busy summer taking in camps, an unofficial visit and just working out. McMichael has had a chance to go and see Boston College, Wisconsin and Nebraska. All seem to have characteristics that stood out to Jordan who believes that the toughest part of recruiting is finally over for him.

Practice starts tomorrow for Jordan McMichael the standout tight end from Minneapolis (Minn.) Breck on the heel's of weeks of captain led training and practices. He admits that he likes the idea of getting back onto the field, but that also means getting back into the classroom.

"It's so a catch 22," McMichael said. "The summer has been good."

"I think that I got a whole lot done with lifting, running and improving that way. I think that I got a whole lot done when it came to talking to the coaches and looking at campuses. I think that I got through the hardest part of the recruiting process."

That hard part of the process for McMichael is one of organization and time. From that though comes decision and the refinement of the scope of his offers.

"The start, like getting the time to meet and talk to everyone. Getting all of these schools that are trying to recruit you and narrow it down. It's huge just to think that I hopefully got through it."

Getting out to see some schools this summer came in the form of two camps and one unofficial visit. "I went to see Wisconsin, Nebraska and Boston College. I went to camps at Nebraska and Boston College."

McMichael had this to say about the trips to each school:

Boston College: "It was sweet. My step-father used to live out there and he has relatives that live out there. There are a whole bunch of Breck kids that go there. The coaches there are cool guys. They let me go through their entire locker room and even shower in there, which was kind of cool. The tight ends coach took me in a room and had me watch some film of their tight ends. They told me exactly what to expect if I were to go there."

Wisconsin: "The coaching turnover, I guess that Alvarez must have a lot of trust in this other guy because he was "the man". When that happened I was like, O.K. The actual changeover though won't affect my opinion for them because I trust that whole staff. They all seem like good guys."

"As a whole, it was a good school. It's a really nice campus and it's surrounded by lakes. It kind of feels like home. It's closer to home which is cool. I didn't go to camp there. I just took a little tour around campus. From what I saw it was a beautiful place and it looked like a nice place to live."

Nebraska: "Nebraska seemed like it had a home-town feel. There was something there at their camp that I thought was really cool. There were kids there at the camp fighting to get the same scholarship that I have had offered, they saw me play and they all said 'Wow, we really hope you come here on scholarship because we love the Cornhuskers.' I thought that was pretty cool. That is how much their fans support their team. They want them to be as good as possible."

"The coaches down there, Scott Downing is hilarious. When he needs to get serious he does. He helped me make my routes crisper and he helped with catching overall. The one ball that I didn't know how to catch was the one right in the middle of your gut. He taught me to one of two things to either cradle down and catch it or go to my knees and use the diamond to catch it."

Beyond the trips and taking each one for what it was there hasn't been a chance for McMichael to compare the visits or rank them. He has been spending most of his time getting the under-classmen on his team up to speed in the hopes of going 14-0 this fall.

"I really haven't had a chance to break down the visits and compare them. I have really been focused on the season and getting ready. I have been trying to get these freshman, sophomores and juniors up to speed. I have been spending all of my time with my speed. I really haven't had the time to compare those three schools. I will be sitting down trying to decide on where to take some official visits. I need to take a look at the school beyond the football aspect and understand how life is at that campus."

McMichael is holding onto six offers right now, but there could be a couple of new ones on the horizon. "Right now I am up to six offers. I have been working on trying to call the Oklahoma coach, but it's always been a bad time to call because he has always been at practice. Minnesota hasn't offered me yet, but I have been hearing a lot more from them so they might be getting close, I am not sure. So the six offers I have are from Wisconsin, Nebraska, Boston College, Northwestern, Kansas and Colorado."

McMichael has a good idea where he will take two official visits as of right now. He isn't sure though how many official visits that he will be able to take due to football, basketball and other non-scholastic activities that will require his time on the weekends.

"I probably won't be able to take that many official visits because I just don't think that I will have time. I will probably go out to Boston College. I would like to go out there again. I'd like to go to Nebraska again. At Wisconsin I think that I got enough of the feel for them. If any other schools jump into the running I would take a look at them. As of right now I really want to go to those two. I haven't sent any dates up yet."

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