First to offer Houston will make the cut

It's getting to be that time of year. Practice is back in and players are trimming their lists to get down to just a smaller number or their official visits. The same goes for Lamar Houston, Jr. who started practice today and by the end of this week will trim 11 teams off of the top of the offer total.

Colorado Springs (Colo.) Doherty is back on the field today and that means Lamar Houston, Jr. is happy. He has had almost a year to receive a lot of recruiting attention and a lot of offers.

"We started practice today," Houston said. "It's pretty excited after being all hyped up and all that."

This summer was all about conditioning for Houston. He didn't take in any camps or any unofficials this summer and he thinks that he did a good job attaining his goals. His abilities so far have landed more than 20 offers.

"I was trying to get my get endurance up, get into good shape and get my speed down. I think that I did pretty good when it came to accomplishing them."

"I didn't go to any unofficial visits or camps this summer. I am up to 26 offers right now, but I will have it down to 15 by the end of the week."

When it comes to cutting the list Houston is looking at a few key things. "I am looking at the regions of the country where the schools are in relation to where my mom and dad are and the school's tradition. Distance really doesn't matter to me though."

That final cut from 15 to a final five will consist of some other criteria that he will be looking at. "I will be looking for a good program and a place that I feel like I will be comfortable. I am also looking for a place that I would really like to go. Also a good relationship with the coaches and with the players."

One school that has been in on Houston as long as anyone is Nebraska. "Nebraska was the first school to offer me. They offered me the beginning of my junior year. They're a team that is on the way up. They just had a good recruiting class, good tradition and they have a good coach."

"I think that Coach Jordan is the coach that is recruiting me from Nebraska. I haven't been to Lincoln before. I do know that they will be in the top 15 for me. I don't know if I will take an official visit to Nebraska or not. I just haven't thought about it enough."

He hasn't thought about his official visits yet because he isn't going to be taking any anytime soon. They will have to wait until after the season. "I won't take my official visits until after the season is over with. I won't make any decision on where to go until signing day."

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