Huskers set to host big visitor

Nebraska has got a couple of big official visit weekends set up for the first two weekends in September. Some highly recruited players are getting a little more company from one of the best offensive tackles in the country. How did the Huskers get back into the picture for this tackle and can he look past the distance when he gets to Lincoln?

Some get nostalgic when it comes to the senior year. What they will remember and things that they are going to do. Bruce Campbell just wants it to get here because when it does he is a day closer to getting back out on the football field.

"We started practice this week," Campbell said. "I don't really care that school is starting soon too. School is easy. It means I get back on the field."

Campbell is an accomplished offensive tackle with a lot of the nation's best schools having already tendered offers. So the shift this summer was onto school work. "I really was concentrating on getting to my summer school class and getting that done and over with. That is pretty much it."

Now that summer school is over and practice is upon Campbell, what is he looking forward to the most when it comes to getting back on the field.? "I don't know how to feel, I just want to play. I want the first game to get here. We play on September 17."

That time at the beginning of September is open and he is going to put it to good use. The weekend before Campbell's first game he is going to take a trip. A trip to the furthest away school that he is still considering.

"Yeah, I am going to Nebraska on September 9 for the Wake Forest game."

"That is really the only school that is far away that I am still considering. Everyone else is right around here. I can't sell myself short on this. If I don't get out to see Nebraska I am probably not going to see Nebraska again so may as well go have fun and enjoy it now."

Nebraska might have been on the outside looking in for Campbell briefly this summer when he thought that it was just too far to go. However there has not been a drop off in communication between Nebraska and Campbell.

"They are still recruiting me pretty heavily and that is another reason I am going out there. When I call them I call and talk to Coach Wagner. We mostly talk about football, that's it."

What is he looking for when it comes to taking that first trip to Nebraska? "I just want to see what game day is in Nebraska. I am hearing that it's wild to be around. That is what I really want to see."

Despite having the first and only visit scheduled so far for Campbell, Nebraska is the dark-horse in this race. Campbell admits that distance is one of the biggest things that he is considering when making his choice and isn't sure what can be done to get him to overlook it.

"Yes, it still is. To tell you the truth I really don't know (if I can overlook it)."

Beyond Nebraska, Campbell is still considering some closer schools. In the upcoming week Campbell will set aside some time to consider his other official visits and who gets them. Not all of the other top five schools are guaranteed an official visit as of right now.

"I am also considering Maryland, Virginia, Boston College, and probably Penn State. I haven't set up any other officials. I am probably going to schedule them all between August 22 and 29."

"I would say that the other four schools to get my officials would be Maryland, Virginia and maybe Boston College and Penn State. Maybe. I might take an unofficial to Boston College or Penn State. I don't know because I might use one of my officials to go to Florida."

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