Franks sitting on 35 to 40 offers

Oklahoma is again a very good state for division one talent this year. Tulsa (Okla.) Union has one of the premiere, lock-down cornerbacks in the nation. Dominique Franks is sitting on about 35 to 40 offers and knows about two possible official visits. Who are the lucky schools?

Dominique Franks is ready. He has been training all summer and has been in practice now for two weeks. With a scrimmage coming up he is looking forward to getting a first-hand look at how good his team really is.

"We started practice and have a scrimmage coming up," Franks said. "We have already been practicing for two weeks."

"The team is looking good. I think that I am going to get a couple of picks in the scrimmage. I am going to try and pick it off everytime they throw it to my side. I have to shut it down and make the coaches go crazy."

While he might be waiting to make his high school coaches go crazy it appears that the college coaches have been going crazy for a while. He has picked up an impressive amount of offers and isn't quite sure how the narrowing down process will go.

"I am up to 35 or 40 offers right now. I really can't narrow things down right now. I don't even know where to start. I can't tell you."

"I will probably just have to sit down and think about where I am going to take some visits. Then after that I will probably just feel it one day."

Official visits are going to be a key in gauging interest for Franks and for schools to understand how seriously Franks is considering them. Two schools look good to get an official visit from Franks so far.

"I have two or three schools that I would like to visit. Most likely Tennessee and Arizona State will get a visit. I am really looking to see how I fit into their system. I want to go far. So the second thing is comfort around the players and if they take me in."

When he says that he wants to "go far" it means more than doing well and achieving goals. It seems that Franks has made up his mind to leave the state most likely to play college football.

"It's not a factor. I want to leave the state. Oklahoma State has offered but Oklahoma hasn't. It doesn't even matter."

While Franks is intent on leaving the state there is still a good chance that he could stay in the area or at least in the Big 12. Practically all of the Big 12 have offered and he still says that there is a chance that he could go to any of them.

"I am getting recruited by some other Big 12 schools like Texas A&M, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa State, Kansas and Kansas State and there is a chance with all of those schools that I could go there."

Nebraska has been in on Franks for a long time. Former Oklahoma head coach John Blake is recruiting Franks who has nothing but positive words to say about Nebraska and how Coach Blake is recruiting him.

"Coach Blake is recruiting me from Nebraska. He's a real nice guy. Since the first time I spoke to him he made it feel like he really wasn't just a coach and a recruit thing. It was cool. We joked around. Nebraska is school is that I would possibly visit."

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