Huskers now have home field advantage

When Big Red Report caught up with Steve Octavien in-'You Ask, They Answer'-the junior college transfer linebacker gave out a golden nugget of information. That golden nugget was that a "friend" that Husker fans are familiar with would be making it to Lincoln and soon. Who exactly is that friend?

The Huskers could consider themselves frontrunners for a top junior college wide receiver. Keith Eloi, formerly of William Rainey Harper (Ill.) has made a move in effort to become academically eligible.

"I currently reside in Lincoln, Nebr.," Eloi said. "Considering everything that I have seen; everything is very nice and I could really get used to liking this place and this area."

Keith didn't move to Lincoln blindly. He has had some guidance from his uncle and current Nebraska Cornhusker, Steve Octavien. Fortunately for Keith the good words that Steve has had about his experiences thus far were not embellished.

"Everything he has been telling me has been true. No lies. No false statements."

Eloi is still in need of obtaining his eligibility to make a transfer from junior college to Nebraska. So while he is in Lincoln it is not to attend the University of Nebraska. Rather his goal is to become eligible to attend.

"I am going over to Lincoln Southeast C.C. this weekend to talk to an academic counselor about what I need to get finished so I can be ready for this spring. Be ready to go the University of Nebraska in the spring."

Beyond the need to become academically qualified to transfer to Nebraska, Keith needs a formal offer as well. From what he has heard about the needs on the team and from the coaches themselves it sounds like that should come based on his progress.

"I've been hearing that they are just waiting for me to get my stuff done and the offer is right there and waiting for me. I've just got to get ready. That is what I have been hearing from the players."

Keith's name has been out there for a while now and he is not riding the coat tails of his uncle. Keith has a strong resume. A resume that includes being called a two-time junior college All-American.

"I was a two-time junior college All-American. My first year I had 79 receptions for 1,001 yards and nine touchdowns. My second year I had 55 receptions for 750 yards and 15 touchdowns. I scored from three positions my sophomore year. I scored as a wide receiver, running back and kickoff return."

Eloi already being in Lincoln has not only given him a great opportunity to take in some practices and stay close with his uncle, but it has also given him a chance to get to know a lot of the coaching staff at Nebraska.

"I really have had a chance to meet a lot of the coaches recently and I have spoken to Coach Gilmore a little bit. They just want to see my second year tape and they have been telling me about how they need receivers and I have been hearing about how they need special team returners. Both spots are open for the taking."

Eloi is a sparkplug of a wide receiver. A compact package that can play physical across the middle or give you the big-play capability that you need with his speed.

"I am about 5-foot-10 and I can give you an estimate on my weight. I went from 186 to 195 this past week. So, right now I am bout 186 or 187. My last 40-yard dash time was a 4.4."

Eloi and his uncle are not just blood they're friends. More than that, they have played integral parts in each others lives up to this point. Again they find themselves together in Lincoln with a chance to play football together once again. Another chapter in the book so to speak.

"Steve and I have known eachother since pre-school. We've also basically played football together our whole lives. We have been on the same page since forever. This is the next chapter. I am going to do what I have to do to keep it going."

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